The Most Efficient Fuel in Last Day on Earth: Survival

Which is the best and more efficient Fuel for Campfire, Melting Furnace, and Refined Melting Furnace in Last Day on Earth: Survival? Here is the answer!

As we know currently there are 5 materials that we can use as fuel to make Campfires, Melting Furnace, and Refined Melting Furnace work, i.e. Pine Log, Pine Plank, Oak Log, Oak Plank, and Charcoal.

The tools above have an important role because you can make foods and process the metals into metal bars.

Maybe there is a question that comes to your mind, which is the best fuel used for those tools?

Last Day on Earth: Survival Most Efficient Fuel

To answer that question, recently, I did a little experiment related to the efficiency of burning times of fuel in the Last Day on Earth. So here's what I got from the experiment ...

The Most Efficient Fuel for Campfire and Furnace in Last Day On Earth: Survival

The time difference in the table below is due to differences in the burning level of the tools, where the Furnace has faster fuel burn than the Campfire.

Pine Log
2 Minute
1 Minute 20 sec
Pine Plank
3 Minute
2 Minute
Oak Log
2 Minute
1 Minute 20 sec
Oak Plank
3 Minute
2 Menute
6 Minute 40 sec
5 Minute 20 sec

As you see in the table above, the efficiency of Pine log and Oak log, Pine Plank, and Oak Plank are the same. These four materials have time efficiency under Charcoal.

So, it can be concluded that charcoal is the most efficient fuel (most durable) in terms of burning times. Followed by Pine Plank and Oak Plank.

But, from here we also know that Oak Log and Oak Plank are not recommended for use as a fuel. This is because the two materials are more difficult to obtain than Pine Log.

The Processing Time to Make Plank and Charcoal in Last Day on Earth: Survival

We already know that Pine Plank and Charcoal are the most efficient fuel, but it takes longer for the making process. To convert 1 Pine Log into 1 Pine Plank through a Woodworking Bench takes 4 minutes.

Same with Charcoal, you also have to wait 4 minutes and need additional fuel to use through Campfire. So, you need to wait an additional 40 minutes to make 20 charcoal from 10 Pine planks.  It's less profitable if you're in a hurry to need food or Iron Bar (for example).

In this condition, Pine Log is the best fuel option you can choose because you don't need to process it. But again, I still suggest you make it into Pine Plank or Charcoal first in any case.

The Best Strategy to Make Charcoal in Last Day on Earth: Survival

Follow the steps below for the best way to get Charcoals:

  1. Always stock some pine logs.
  2. Put 20 Pine Logs onto two different Woodworking Benches.
  3. After you get Pine Plank, then place 10 of them onto Campfire and fill the fuel with 8 or more Pine Planks.
  4. After you get 6 charcoal, then replace the fuel with that 6 charcoal.
  5. Put 10 Pine Plank (no less no more) onto Campfire to get 20 Charcoal. Fill the fuel with the 6 Charcoal you got before.
  6. Store 14 Charcoal you get and use 6 the rest to repeat the process from number 5.

That's The Most Efficient Fuel in Earth's Last Day: Survival. Keep in mind that this fuel efficiency could be changed and replaced by other fuels that Kefir! might release in the future. Thanks for reading this article.

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