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Problems When Playing Harvest Moon: Light of Hope and How to Fix them

Happy new year 2018 to you all, a few days ago, I decided to take a break for a moment from writing on this blog and try to develop my other blog. So I am rarely active in here.

Now I am back, and this time I will discuss some problems in Harvest Moon Light of Hope which is often asked to me through Facebook.

This post also became my fourth post at the beginning of the year 2018 on this blog.
Ok, back to the topic...
How to Fix Some Problems When Playing Harvest Moon: Light of Hope
Basically, some of these problems occur because there are bugs or glitches in the game. So we need special tricks to fix them.

However, some issues below may have already fixed by the developer in the latest version of Harvest Moon: Light of Hope.

How to Fix Some Problems When Playing Harvest Moon: Light of Hope

1. Oliver didn't appear even though you already have the requested item
In a conversation with one of the sprites, you are required to bring a Yellow Perch, Yellow Dahlia, and Great Wool to the Goddess Spring to make Oliver (the purple sprite) showed up.

But because there is a bug in the game, even though you bring the items that I mentioned above, there is nothing happen.

After I search, it turns out we don't need a Yellow Dahlia, but we have to bring a Pink Dahlia. Then you will trigger an event about meeting Oliver.

For additional information, you can't use a better quality product for a request for the main story and marriage, but you can use it if you want to complete a request from the villagers.

For example to this problem, you can't also use an Ultimate Wool to substitute a Great Wool.

2. Stuck in the lighthouse after meeting Oliver
This problem is often asked of me. Basically, after Oliver appears, you are only required to go to the lighthouse to complete the main quest.

However, when this problem occurs, you will be stuck in the lighthouse. Nova who is supposed to start a conversation, simply move to the right a little bit and then silent.

So how to fix it?

I met this problem at the end of the summer or maybe early fall of year 1. I forgot. I didn't go immediately to the lighthouse. However, I spent 2 days to do another thing.

After that, I tried to come back to the lighthouse and the event was originally stuck, working back normally.

This way not been definitely could work for you too, so please do activities as usual but use different time period. Because I think, this bug is happening because we finish the main storyline too fast.

3. Can't buy items from Sam/Carol/Bastian or can't refine ore at Gus's Smithy
This happens because your bag can't hold more items.

How to deal with it, you just need to sell or at least put the items you don't need on the storage and refrigerator in your house.

4. You cannot hold any more item types in your bag
You will receive this notification all the time if your bag is full. You can only carry 99 different types of items and there can't be more than 99 identical items in your bag.

But no need to worry, the items you get will be automatically moved to the storage in your house.

Just like problem number 3, you need to sell or put some items in the storage if you don't want to receive this notification again.

Note: You can't upgrade your bag/rucksack.

5. Poitou Donkey won't grow up
When I calculate the Poitou Donkey's growing time, it takes 30 days to grow up and eventually produce the fur. If more than that, then it is certain that you are experiencing this problem.

The solution that I can give, tries to sell the Poitou Donkey that won't grow up, and buy a new one at Sofia's Livestock.

6. No sound in the game
A lot of things that cause this. It could be your download file is not perfect or when extracting the game files, there are certain files that are errors, etc.

If you have no sound or audio problems, here are some tips that you can do according to Ceecee [Natsume] on Steam:
  1. Make sure to exit from Steam completely (don't just close it into the background), then restart your computer/laptop.
  2. Make sure to set the sound device that you want to use for the game, set to the primary sound device.
  3. Run the game as administrator.

7. Unable to complete the request from a villager
This occurs if you have not read the request which sent by villagers every day to the mailbox in front of your house.

So, to solve this problem is very easy, you just need to read the message that was sent to remove the red exclamation mark (!). It indicates that the request from villagers can begin to complete.

8. Why is it so hard to get the basic quality products like wool, cotton candy wool, silky fur, great wool, great cotton candy wool, great silky fur, etc?
If you don't want to get the higher qualities, stop feeding your animals with great animal feed or delicious animal feed, just give the normal one.

Upgrade your animal barn to raise more animals is also a good suggestion for you. But if you still don't get what you want, you can use the Save and Load Trick to change the qualities of your animal product.

That's how to fix some problems in Harvest Moon: Light of Hope. If you have another problem, you can tell us via the comment box below. Thank you.

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I have a problem with a villager request for Wool, in my bag I have 1 Wool, 2 Ultimate Wool, 2 Great Wool, But in the request tab only shown 1/4 of Wool. any solution??

Hi Edward, thanks for reaching us. Whose request you want to complete? If it relates to main story and marriage, you can't substitute the requested item. It should be 5/4 if the requested item are Wools.

PS4-I build Doc's house but he doesn't show up the next day. I get the fishing rod and restaurant first. Did I glitch myself?

Hi Mayra, Have you placed the broken stone tablet by the Lighthouse? If you've done it, you just need to come to Doc's house and you'll get a scene.

I am getting the "you can't hold anymore of this item in your bag" and i don't have any of that item. I have also taken all my items down to 20 items a piece and it is still saying i can't get certain things. HELP!!

Try to store different types of items to the storage cabinet/refrigerator at home until the amount is 0 in your bag. As mentioned on this article, your bag can't hold more than 99 different types of items and 99 identical items (one type of item stack to 99).

I have the first problem D:
How many hours I should spend in the game? Is spring 15 and I can't complete the game, help please!

Hmmm, I don't know exactly how many hours, maybe 50+ hours. Also, I don't want to spoil the story, but this article should give you an overview of what to do next.

Hi there!
Thank you very much!
Maybe that explain why i can't finish the story... I've only play 25 hours after put the last tablet.
Thank you, again.

Ok, you're welcome. Just relax and enjoy the game :)

Hello, what is the "save and load trick" with regards to getting basic quality products? I'm having an issue with Melanie's request for 4 wool. I've tried not petting my sheep and just feeding it basic animal feed but I only get 1 normal wool out of it and then start getting ultimate wool, which won't let me complete her request! Please help ._. lol

Hi, thanks for asking. So you just need to save via the menu before shaving your sheep and reload it if it isn't the quality you want to get. Is that a normal request? Have you tried to press the green box beside the requested item to change it to other qualities?

I'm not sure! When I look at the request if I have 3 great wool for example, her request will say 0/3 wool... so I've not actually tried giving it to her. I'll give it a go at some point- I ended up selling my adult sheep and getting a new sheep to get the basic wool!! Haha thank you :)

I'm having a problem with giving Gus the three orichalcum ore for Melanie'sewing kit. I've had it on me several times and it never triggers for him to take it. He just keeps asking for it whenever I go in there.

Is that for marriage purpose? If yes, give it to Melanie with the 2 Great Cotton Candy Wool and 2 Great Silky Fur.

Someone please help, I'm experiencing some sort of bug or glitch where I can't change clothes from my dresser? I click the dresser and only the items inside of it come up, it doesn't give me the option to change clothes. I've got the DLC. I've tried turning my console on and off but nothing! I'm not sure what's happened. I can see the clothes in my backpack but I can't do anything from there. Very frustrating.

So I’m ready to get married and I have better quality wools than what’s required for Melanie to make my clothes, but even with that I’m still not able to give the items to Gus or Melanie and can’t move on

Bring and give them all to Melanie not Gus when she is at home.

I can't make delicious animal feed in harvest moon light of hope for switch..I have everything but it wont let me hit select to make it...its driving me crazy please help!!!

Hi Guys,
Please help me, After I met Oliver I go to lightouse to talk to Nova, but my screen is stuck and not moving, can someone help me????????

please help me, my screen is stuck when the day after i recorvery building sofia, when i meet she and her family.. can someone help me??