How to Marry Harvest Goddess in Harvest Moon: Hero of Leaf Valley

This is a complete guide on how to get married with Harvest Goddess in Harvest Moon: Hero of Leaf Valley.

Unlike some Harvest Moon series, Harvest Moon: Hero of Leaf Valley lets you marry the Harvest Goddess (HG). But you only have one chance to do it and lots of requirements you have to fulfill.

Besides being difficult to make Harvest Goddess turn into a human, to propose to her is also very different from another woman. So you have to learn it first.

How to Get Married with Harvest Goddess HM HoLV

Requirements for Harvest Goddess Become a Human (Marina)

In addition to the requirements below, you have to upgrade your house and have an extra bed to marry Marina.

1. Harvest Goddess's Heart Must be 6 (Red)

This is the most common requirement, but did you know how to increase the heart of Harvest Goddess quickly? The way is like this...

  • Ask something during the day.
  • Give Harvest Goddess a vegetable at 4 PM - 8 PM.
  • Never give anything during the morning (Below 10 AM)
  • Never give anything at night (Above 9 PM)

2. You Have to Complete The Tale of Harvest Goddess Temple Event

I think this event is not so difficult. You just need to increase the friendship points of Harvest Goddess, Rudolph, and Chester to get it done.

Always check the schedule and read a walkthrough if you want to know more, or want to complete this event easily.

3. Make Sure No Other Girl Has Higher FP from Harvest Goddess

This is the most vulnerable violation by players. Yet this requirement must be met, The most confusing girl is Alice, Why? The answer is like this...

Alice's heart is based on the response we give to her.

For example, Alice's Heart is only 3 until Summer Year 2. After that, there will be a scene where Alice gives a question that we can answer like this "I Came To Laugh" or "I Came To Talk".

If you answered Talk, then Alice's heart will automatically increase by 1, so if her heart is 3 it will be 4. And there will be another scene where Alice comes to your house in the Fall 5, Your answer really influences how forward.

For Best Ending, you have to answer "I do" when Alice asks, "Do You Want To Protect The Town?".

After that, there will be another question where Alice asks," Can she live in Leaf Valley if she is not the CEO of Funland company? If you answered "Of Course", her heart would increase again.

So how is the solution?

Just give Alice gifts before she moves to the church (Before Mecha Fish). Initially, her maximum heart rate was only 3. When you come to the church, answer with "I Came To Talk" and her heart will be 4.

Don't Give Alice Anything when She is in the Church!. When she comes to your house (Fall 5), answer her question with "Of Course", and her heart will be 5 and she will stay in the village.

Make sure you have 3 Points above and at the end of year 2 (After Ending), Harvest Sprites will come to your house and invite you to the

Goddess Spring. There, the Harvest Goddess will turn into a human (Marina).

How to Propose and Marry the Harvest Goddess

To propose Harvest Goddess, you need the Blue Feather that is available at Louis's shop in the middle of Spring, Year 3. After Chester comes to your house on Spring 17 and advises you to get married.

Unlike another girl, you can't give the Blue Feather directly to the Harvest Goddess. You have to follow these steps:

  1. Hold the Blue Feather (Hold the R button > Tools > Equip the Blue Feather).
  2. Go to Goddess Spring, then throw something on the HG pond.
  3. Harvest Goddess will come and you will automatically give the Blue Feather to her.

If you are still confused, you can watch the above video to propose to Marina.

The wedding day will be held one week after you propose to her.

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