Top 5 Best Racing Games for Android with a Small Download Size

Here the list of the best offline racing games for Android 2024 with a small download size (under 100 MB).

The best Android racing game has always been one of the main choices of male gamers, especially for speed fans.

In addition to feeling the sensation of being a professional racer, racing games can also make the players irritated if lose and want to try more to win. But often, the download size makes people reluctant to play games that are on the Google Play Store.

Therefore, in this post, I will give you information about the top racing games for Android with a small download size (under 100 MB).

Top 5 Best Racing Games for Android

1. Traffic Rider

Size: 98 MB

Traffic Rider
Traffic Rider by Soner Kara

This racing game can be considered quite unique because it has excellent graphics, interesting gameplay, and can be played offline. Although the concept is very simple, I guarantee you will love this game.

In Traffic Rider, the most used vehicles are motorcycles, starting from scooters to motorsport. To drive the motorcycle, you can use the left and right buttons or tilt your Android smartphone to the left and right.

A lot of Android users already played this game, it has 100 million downloads now, and most of them give positive reviews.

2. Street Racing 3D

Size: 70 MB

Street racing 3D
Street Racing 3D by Combine. Inc

Street racing 3D is one of the best car races on the streets loved by racers. This game brings a fast driving experience, be the king of the streets.

It has a unique blend of arcade action and racing elements. Begin the race and get rewards of coins and diamonds to improve your car performance.

What are you waiting for, take down your opponent and be number 1 right now!

3. Speed Car Drift Racing

Size: 32 MB

Speed Car Drift Racing

For many racing games that have been released, I think this game is one of the lightest and best ones. In addition to having a very smooth control, the graphics are also very good.

In Speed Car Drift Racing, many cool cars can be obtained and collected, the cars include Bugatti Veyron, Gallardo, Lancer, Mustang, Skyline GTR, Subaru WRX, Porsche 911 GT, and many others.

The stage that can be played also quite a lot and certainly very entertaining.

4. Speed Night 3

Size: 18 MB

Speed ​​Night 3

Speed Night 3 is also a fairly simple racing game and very light because it only has 18 MB in size, but the graphics of this game are pretty good. Like the game name, the race is only held at night.

You can not modify your own car used for the race, but you can improve the performance of the car engine. But do not worry, because some of the cars used in this game have been modified.

To get better cars, you need to clear the different stages of the race.

5. Moto Kill 3D

Size: 27 MB

Moto Kill 3D

In this racing game, you will not only compete with other racers but you are required to chase and destroy the enemy cars by shooting the car while avoiding other vehicles that pass to win.

In terms of graphics, Moto Kill 3D is not so bad. I could say this game is quite fun and suitable to play when you feel bored.

Get Moto Kill 3D on Google Play

That's the 5 Best Android Racing Games. Actually, there are many other best games for Android out there, so it depends on the taste of each, of course.

Hopefully, this article can be a reference for those of you who are looking for the best car android games with a small size. Thanks.

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