Harvest Moon Light of Hope Decorations Guide - How to Decorate and Beautify Your Farm

How to unlock decorations and decorate your farm more beautiful in Harvest Moon: Light of Hope Switch, PS4, PC, and Mobile.

At the beginning of the game, our farm looks so empty, all we can do just pull out the weeds and plant the crops.


Did you know that you can completely decorate and beautify your farm in Harvest Moon: Light of Hope?

To do that, first, you need to know...

How to unlock decorations in Harvest Moon: Light of Hope

How to Unlock All Decorations in Harvest Moon: Light of Hope

If you want to unlock them you need to complete Doc's requests.

You will receive a request from him if his music notes are fulfilled and get a new one if the previous request has been completed.

Each time you complete his requests you will unlock fences and other decorations. These are available at Doc's architects after you finish the main storyline.

If you struggle to get a request from Doc, you need to stop completing other villager requests until Doc sent a new request to you so you can complete some of his requests.

Here is the list of the decorations, see the table below on the landscape screen for a better experience:

Item Name Unlock from You need Cost
Wooden Fence 1st Doc's Request Softwood Lumber x3, Iron x1 300 G
Stone Wall 2nd Doc's request Material Stone x2, Stone x3 300 G
Hedge 3rd Doc's request Poinsettia x1, Hardwood Lumber x2 300 G
Candy Canes 4th Doc's request Softwood lumber x2, Agate x1, Candy Egg x1 1000 G
Holiday Ornament 5th Doc's request Softwood Lumber x2, Gold x1, Goldberry x1 1000 G
Mechanical fence 6th Doc's request Iron x2, Glass x1, Silver x1 300 G
Harvest Sprite Flowerbed 7th Doc's request Bronze x10, Yellow Tulip x10, White Tulip x10 100.000 G
20th Anniversary Statue 8th Doc's request Gold x20, Hardwood Lumber x10 200.000 G

Here are the decorative items that only available if you buy the separate DLC (Downloadable Content).

Price: $1.99

Item Name Cost
Frog Prince Figurine 1000 G
Barrels 300 G
Road Sign 500 G
Doc Statue 100.000 G
Harvest Goddess Statue 300.000 G

How to Decorate Your Farm in Harvest Moon: Light of Hope

First, you need to buy some decorations available at Doc's Architects. Second, open your bag, open an icon on the far right, select a decoration, and then place it on your farm.

Unfortunately, you can't place the decoration outside of the farm fields. You can use Wooden fences, Stone walls, Hedges, and Barrels to keep your animals stay together in one place.

Use your imagination and creativity to decorate your farm more beautiful. So, how do you design your farm?

Keep in mind that this page is not complete yet.

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