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This guide is for you who want to know the villagers' birthdays, contests, and festivals chronologically in Rune Factory 4 Special for Switch.

This page contains information about all things related to the calendar in Rune Factory 4 Special (RF4S) which has been released on Nintendo Switch.

As someone who used to play Harvest Moon games, you might be wondering, "Is there a calendar in Rune Factory 4 Special? If so, can I access it?"

Rune Factory 4 Special Calendar

The answer to the questions above is yes, and you can access it. The calendar is sitting on top of a chest. But first, you need to pick one of them up and move it to somewhere else.

The calendar can be used for reminders and to know about all upcoming festivals, contests, or events. But the villager's birthdays are missing.

Rune Factory 4 Special Calendar

In Rune Factory 4 Special, there are 4 seasons in a year, with 30 days in each season. Here, I've also made it chronologically to make your RF4S walkthrough easier.

Spring Calendar

Date Event
1 New Year Day
4 Ventuswil's birthday
5 Barrett/td>
6 Cooking Contest
8 Lin Fa's birthday
10 Bean Toss Contest
12 Clorica's birthday
15 Fishing Frenzy Contest
19 De-Fluffing Festival
21 Margareth's birthday
23 Illuminata's birthday
26 Amber's birthday
28 Spring Harvest Festival
29 Raven's birthday

Summer Calendar

Date Event
1 Beach Day
4 Arthur's birthday
6 Volkanon's birthday
9 Leon's birthday
11 Turnip Festival
15 Big Catch Contest
19 Firefly Festival
22 Forte's birthday
24 Buddy Battle
26 Xiao Pai's birthday
28 Summer Harvest Festival

Autumn Calendar

Date Event
4 Eating Contest
6 Doug's birthday
9 Dylas's birthday
12 Valentine's Day
15 Fish Variety Contest
17 Vishnal's birthday
19 Handicraft Contest
21 Porcoline's birthday
23 Nancy's birthday
25 White Day
28 Autumn Harvest Festival

Winter Calendar

Date Event
2 Kiel's birthday
5 Turnip Flurry
5 Fishing Contest
7 Jones's birthday
10 Bado's birthday
13 Quiz Contest
15 Squid Catch Contest
18 Dolce's birthday
21 Blossom's birthday
25 Christmas
28 Winter Harvest Festival
30 New Year's Eve

Note: Determination of the birthday of the protagonists (Lest/Frey), marriage, and your child (Noel (boy/Luna (girl)) depends on all your actions in the game

Choosing your birthday at the start of the game will affect other people's birthdays. So it would be better if you select a date that is not used by other villagers.

I deliberately did not make this guide more detailed because I want to make the other articles about festivals and villager's favorite gifts separately.

That's the explanation about the Calendar in Rune Factory 4 Special for Switch. Hopefully, this short article could be useful. Please comment below if you have any suggestions to make this guide much better. Thanks.

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