What is '16.com' on Facebook?

What is '16.com' on Instagram? I can't type this on Facebook and Instagram. Why? What's the meaning of this? This is the explanation!

Since the cases of strange sites like kekma.ga attacked, I became more careful in opening websites I didn't know the contents of. Now I just don't want to easily be fooled by random posts that intend to prank people on social media.

I always double-check the comments on that post first to avoid something crazy happens. And, I don't forget to turn down the device volume. 

This website, "16.com," is no exception, which I observe is quite busy being discussed on Facebook and Instagram.

What is '16.com' on Facebook?

I see many people complain that Facebook doesn't allow them to type "16.com" without quotes in a post. The post comments section is safe. Nobody cursed or got angry because they felt it had pranked them.

What I see is that many people are challenged to prove it in the comments. Some comments are irrelevant to the post. I was curious and finally challenged myself to comment "16.com," too. And sure enough, Facebook doesn't let me post that comment even if I try it again and again!

A red warning sign (!) appears and a notification that 16.com cannot be shared on Facebook because the link has been detected as violating community standards. Hmm, why aren't other website links blocked as well, huh? I started to wonder...

What is 16.com?

There was no relevant and credible information when I searched "What is 16.com" or "16.com Facebook meaning" on Google. 

So finally, I just typed the domain address in the search, hoping there was nothing to worry about, and here was the result.

16.com Facebook Meaning

At first glance, there is nothing that looks suspicious about the domain of this website. In my opinion, this is a domain that has never been used or has been used before, but its active period has ended, not extended by the previous owner.

To strengthen that statement, I tried to check the site's ranking on Alexa. It's quite surprising that this domain has already ranked 831,739 in engagement and global internet traffic over the past 90 days. Wow! My blog is nothing compared to this. Not much data has emerged other than that.

I added data from SimilarWeb; global rank: 454,889, best country rank: 57,945 in China, category rank: 17,958 in the computer electronics and technology. Total visits: <50k in a month, avg. visit duration: 16 minutes 17 seconds, and pages per visit: 19.98. [I took the data when this article was written]

Really weird. If indeed the 16.com domain has never been used before, why does the data show as if someone has used it before? Or maybe its popularity is rising because it can't be typed on Facebook and Instagram.

Why does Facebook won't let you type '16.com'?

What is clear, Facebook prohibits the link of this domain from being shared on the platform. However, I still can't find the exact reason why this domain should be blocked by Facebook. Except, it has been flagged by the bot as spam or goes against other Facebook community policy standards.

Is this website formerly a competitor of Facebook? Is it because a site from China previously used the domain address?

Some time ago, I heard the news that a social platform called Tsu was blocked by Facebook because their security systems detected the site link to be unsafe. 

I also checked the neighbor's link, 17.com, which points to a Chinese language site but is not blocked by Facebook. Well, I don't know. I don't really know. What do you think?

That's what is 16.com on Facebook. If you have additional information that is more interesting, please feel free to comment below. Hopefully, this short article can provide you some insight. Thanks for reading!

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