How to Get a Buggy Car in Harvest Moon: Innocent Life

How do I get a car? How do you get a Buggy? This is how to get a Buggy Car in Harvest Moon: Innocent Life!

It seems that some of you who are just getting to know and play Innocent Life: A Futuristic Harvest Moon often ask this question, "how do you get a Buggy car in Harvest Moon: Innocent Life?"

Therefore, this time, I made a guide on how to get it, even though it's actually fairly easy. Basically, you need to follow the storyline. Just go with the flow.

But before that, I will explain a little about the usefulness of this Buggy car.

Harvest Moon Innocent Life: Buggy Car

Harvest Moon: Innocent Life - How to Get a Buggy Car

Unlike other Harvest Moon series that uses a horse as a vehicle to get around the village, in Harvest Moon: Innocent Life, you can drive a car called a Buggy (also known as ATV).

The main objective of giving this car to you is to help you through the desert storm area and meet Hermit. Driving a Buggy car makes your exploration easier and faster.

Innocent Life: A Futuristic Harvest Moon: How to Get a Buggy Car

In time, Dr. Hope will give you a Buggy car as a gift, but there are some requirements that you must accomplish first.

  • At least you've reached Summer.
  • Have 4 yellow jewels and place them on the altars in your farm to unlock the yellow sealed doors.
  • Have 4 blue jewels and place them on the altars in your farm to unlock the blue sealed doors.

Notes: The placement of these jewels should not be random, you must put them on the altars to form a square pattern that is interconnected with one another.

"Then, how do I get the 4 yellow jewels and 4 blue jewels?"

It starts when you get a Grain Key from Dr. Hope on Spring 21. Use the key to open a door with a keyhole on the tunnel path if you want to go to the Volcano town.

Search the cave for 2 yellow jewels and a blue jewel. As for the other jewels, you have to wait until Summer and the broken bridge to the next path has been repaired by Max with the help of other townfolks.

When summer comes, Max will visit your room in the Easter Ruins. He tells you that the broken bridge has been repaired, and he also says the townfolks made a raft for you.

After completing daily activities at home, immediately explore the new area, and enter the cave there. In the cave, you will get 2 yellow jewels and 2 blue jewels. So, you already have 4 yellow jewels and 3 blue jewels by Summer 1.

"Where is the remaining blue jewel located?"

Since the path to the next cave is still blocked by the power of the yellow sealed door, you cannot continue the exploration now. Return to home and immediately place 4 yellow jewels on the altars at Easter Ruins.

Nothing will happen immediately when you just put them up there, so go to sleep for now. The next day (Summer 2), the jewels you put on shine brightly, and the yellow doors seal finally opens.

Back to the exploration at the cave where a yellow door was sealed before, explore the cave and you will get a blue jewel.

Now you have 4 blue jewels. Return to the Easter Ruins as the next area is blocked by the sandstorm, which cannot be reached on foot. Don't forget to place all the blue jewels on the altars like yellow ones.

The next day (Summer 3), the blue sealed doors to the Easter Ruins will open. You unlock the animal barn, a room that contains the Vending Machines, and outside of the Easter Ruins, you get a Buggy car from Dr. Hope to explore the next area.

HM: IL How to Get Buggy Car

If the number of jewels you find doesn't match what I have explained above, it means that something is left, look carefully for the corners of the caves above again.

If you want to know in more detail the location of these jewels, maybe I will explain it in the future walkthrough. But I am sure you can get all of them because the locations aren't that hard to find. Those are still part of the early explorations.

Well, that's How to Get a Buggy Car in Innocent Life: A Futuristic Harvest Moon. Hope it helps. Thanks for reading!

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