What Does YouTube Copyright Claim, Strike, & Exceptions Mean?

YouTube copyright claim & strike. What does it mean to get claims & strikes? And what are the exceptions?

Ranked right after Google Search, YouTube is the second most visited site on earth. With around 1,8 billion users visiting YouTube every month, YouTube is an immense platform for creators to upload videos online.

They give creators copyright for their original video work, but what does copyright mean on YouTube? There are also YouTube copyright claims, strikes, and exceptions for them.

Here are some simple explanations to enlighten you.

What is copyright on YouTube?

Copyright is a legal right belonging to the intellectual property owner that gives the owner control over the rights to copy, distribute, adapt, display, and perform a creative expression.

YouTube requires a creator to upload only videos they have made or are authorized to use. They prohibit creators from uploading videos they didn't make themself or using content with copyrighted resources.

What does 'copyright claim' mean on YouTube?

Creators could assert copyright ownership if they find their unauthorized copyrighted content on YouTube. YouTube protects creators in three ways: "Copyright removal request" or "takedown notice," "Copyright Match Tool," and "Content ID."

If any creators learn a copyright infringement, they could ask YouTube to remove the unauthorized content by submitting a copyright removal request.

When an applicant submits a copyright removal request, YouTube will determine whether the request is valid or invalid.

To be legitimate, it has to meet all the legal requirements. YouTube will strike down the unauthorized content after they grant a copyright removal request.

YouTube also provides Content ID, an automatic management system that scans YouTube for copyrighted content. If Content ID finds any content that matches a copyrighted one, it applies the Content ID claim.

There are three possibilities for what will happen if the content gets a Content ID claim. We will discuss these in the next paragraph.

What does 'copyright strike' mean on YouTube?

A complete and valid copyright removal request will cause a copyright strike. A copyright strike means the video violates another creator's copyright.

YouTube will remove illegal content to comply with copyright law. Getting three copyright strikes will make your channel subject to termination!

If creators think they get a copyright strike by mistake, they can wait for the strike to expire in 90 days, get a retraction from the person who claimed the content, or submit a counter-notification.

While Content ID claims do not result in a strike, depending on the copyright owner’s Content ID Setting, the claim could cause blockage on the claimed content, sharing revenue between the copyright owner and content uploader, or tracking the viewership statistic on the content.

A Content ID claim does not affect the uploader channel, and viewers can still watch the claimed video.

What are copyright exceptions on YouTube?

Some special conditions allow a creator to reuse some copyrighted material without getting permission. These are called copyright exceptions.

The application of copyright exceptions varies in different countries. Fair use is the most widely known copyright exception in the US.

Many EU countries recognize reuse of copyrighted material must fit into specific categories. Since every country has slightly different copyright exception laws, it is necessary to look for the best application of fair use case by case.

They may allow you to use copyrighted videos for teaching or educational purposes only, within 5, 10, or 15-second cuts, and with unique dubbing or editing styles.

YouTube seeks the best bridge to balance creative freedom and respecting copyright owners. Let us be mindful of copyright exceptions before submitting a copyright removal request.

As a content creator, it is crucial to understand what copyright claims, strikes, and exceptions tell on YouTube.

Understanding copyrights will make us wiser while creating content and careful not to defy someone else copyright. Let us keep originality and creativity while producing quality content.

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