Favorite Gifts | Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life Gift Guide

The list of villagers' favorite gifts in Harvest Moon: AWL Special Edition PS2, PS4, and PS5. You can receive rewards by befriending them.

Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life (AWL) is a beloved farming simulation game that has captured the hearts of gamers since its release date on GameCube and PlayStation 2.

One of the most liked aspects of the game is building relationships with the various villagers who live in the town of Forget-Me-Not Valley. Similar to other Harvest Moon games, you need to meet, talk, and give people gifts as often as possible if you want to befriend them.

Giving acceptable gifts to the residents of Forget-Me-Not Valley is one of the most important ways to build relationships and increase your friendship points (FP) in the game.

Favorite Gifts | Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life (AWL) Gift Guide for GameCube, PS2, PS4, PS5

By learning their favorite gifts, you'll quickly become the talk of the town and unlock all kinds of exciting events and rewards.

This gift guide will cover some of the most loved gifts in the Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life. Ready to gain friendships with people? It's time to start gift-giving!

Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life characters: likes, dislikes, and rewards

To help you navigate this complex gift-giving list, we've made this favorite gift guide easier to access and sort the names from A to Z.

From simple flower gifts to home-cooking foods to minerals, you can use the following items to increase villager relationship points in Harvest Moon: AWL Special Edition for PS2, PS4, and even PS5.

Gifts for eligible bachelorettes

Celia Gifts

Loves: Flowers, eggs, vegetables, crystals, shiny coins
Dislikes: Fossils
Reward: Be your wife

Lumina Gifts

Loves: Flowers, sweets, fried sweet potato, golden wool, strawberry cake
Dislikes: Fossils
Reward: Music sheet (GC), Be your wife (SE)

Muffy Gifts

Loves: Flowers, precious ores, crystals, shiny coins, sweets
Dislikes: Fossils, Colombo fish
Reward: Be your wife

Nami Gifts

Loves: Clay statues, fossils, blue trick flowers, curry
Dislikes: items other than those she loved
Reward: Be your wife

Other Townsfolk:

Takakura Gifts

Loves: Home cooking (Any cooked meal), s-grade crops, s-grade milk
Dislikes: Unknown
Reward: Tartan (hybrid crops)

Carter Gifts

Loves: Fish, milk, cheese, melon, watermelon, sashimi
Dislikes: -
Reward: Record - Summer Memories, Chihuahua (pet)

Chris Gifts

Loves: Apples, flowers, milk, and fruit juice
Dislikes: Vegetable cake
Reward: Record - The Bridge, Fortune-telling

Cody Gifts

Loves: Eggs, flowers, ores, crystals, and bones
Dislikes: Curry
Reward: Painting, Statue, Strange sickle (GC)

Daryl Gifts

Loves: Fish, eggs, earth soup, fossils, bones, and coins
Dislikes: Something that he wasn't interested in
Reward: Seed maker

Dr. Hardy Gifts

Loves: Flowers, fish, bones, fossils
Dislikes: Curry
Reward: Weird sickle

Flora Gifts

Loves: Butter, fish, milk, cheese, clay statues, fossils, curry, mushroom curry, s-grade crops
Dislikes: Bad quality fruits and vegetables
Reward: Necklace

Galen Gifts

Loves: Fish, fish stew, s-grade vegetables, apples, mugworts
Dislikes: Low-quality vegetables
Reward: Fishing rod G

Grant Gifts

Loves: Eggs, golden eggs, milk, goat's milk, sashimi
Dislikes: Coins
Reward: Alarm clock

Griffin Gifts

Loves: Coins, fish, sashimi, mist moon flowers, trick blue, crystals, golden eggs
Dislikes: Butter
Reward: Record - Marine Jazz

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Gustafa Gifts

Loves: Flowers, coins, clay statues, ores, curry, mushroom curry
Dislikes: Unknown
Reward: Drums (children's toy), Strange sickle?

Hugh Gifts

Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life (AWL) Gift Reward for PS2, PS4, PS5
Loves: Milk, coins, sashimi
Dislikes: Unknown
Reward: Record - HMAWL SE

Kassey Gifts

Loves: Flowers, crystals, coins, fish, milk
Dislikes: -
Reward: Record (only if you beat him or Patrick in the Territory Capture game 10 times)

Kate Gifts

Loves: Flowers, curry, coins, moon ores, melons
Dislikes: Carrot cake, egg, vegetable cake
Reward: Record - Winter HM

Marlin Gifts

Loves: Eggs, milk, home cooking, s-ranked vegetables, stamina potions
Dislikes: Unknown
Reward: Record - Butterfly.

Mukumuku Gifts

Loves: Flowers (Accept five different flowers in one day), Eggs, Fish
Dislikes: -
Reward: Record - Joy of Fall, Lizard

Murrey Gifts

Loves: All foods, except made of fish
Reward: Nothing. Save your money.

Nina Gifts

Loves: Flowers and milk
Dislikes: -
Reward: Nothing. Save your money.

Patrick Gifts

Loves: Flowers, cheese, crystals, eggs, fish, silver coins, sweet potato soup, yam soup
Dislikes: Watermelons
Reward: Fireworks (children's toy)

Rock Gifts

Loves: Butter, cheese, fodder, gratin, mist moon flowers, toy flowers, human-shaped artifacts, coins, mushroom, tomato melon salad, cheese, earth soup
Dislikes: Unknown
Reward: Record - Flowerbud Fall

Romana Gifts

Loves: Flowers, bones, fish, milk, gold coins, clay statues, and oranges
Dislikes: Unknown
Reward: Cat, Music sheet, Watering can W

Ruby Gifts

Loves: Flowers, milk, butter, curry, crystals, gratin, tomatoes, cheese, and grapes
Reward: Ruby's spice (seasoning)

Samantha Gifts

Loves: Flowers, milk, and sashimi
Dislikes: -
Reward: None. Save your money.

Sebastian Gifts

Loves: Cheese, butter, eggs, milk, clay artifacts, crystals, fossils
Dislikes: -
Reward: None

Tim Gifts

Loves: Eggs, milk, goat’s milk, and coins
Dislikes: Curry
Reward: Wooden Hoe

Van Gifts

Loves: Eggs, statues, coins, ores
Dislikes: Unknown
Reward: A negotiation to sell your things at a higher price

Vesta Gifts

Loves: Flowers, milk, ores, curry, and earth soup
Dislikes: -
Reward: Wooden watering can, Silver Strange Hoe (SE)

Wally Gifts

Loves: Eggs, milk, coins, cheese
Dislikes: Unknown
Reward: Wool clippers, Medal

Best times to give people gifts

Most villagers have some working schedule, but it can also be unpredictable.

One thing to note is that many villagers enjoy walking, especially early in the mornings and evenings.

This time around is a great time to give gifts since they will be more relaxed and receptive.

It's best to avoid giving gifts when villagers are busy with their daily routines. For example, when Lumina is playing her piano.

So, wait until they take a break or have finished their work for the day.

Final thoughts

As we wrap up this gift guide for Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life for PS2, PS4, and PS5, we hope you've found some valuable tips to enhance your gameplay experience.

Remember! Building relationships with the villagers is crucial in progressing through the next chapter, and giving them their favorite items at the right time is the key to success.

Another factor to consider is the quality of the gift. Giving a higher-quality item, such as an S-grade vegetable or golden egg, can vastly increase the friendship points compared to a regular one.

By paying attention to each character's likes and dislikes, timing, and quality, you can boost your relationship levels and unlock new events, opportunities, and rewards.

We hope this guide will be helpful for those seeking to improve their gift-giving knowledge in this charming farming simulator. Thanks for reading!

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