What Does Deter Mean on Vivint Camera? Deter Mode "On" Meaning

What is deter mode on Vivint cameras? Here's how "deter" mode functions on your Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro.

Have you ever caught wind of that eerie whistle from your neighbor's house and witnessed a sudden burst of light from a camera after dark?

That's none other than the Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro's "Deter" feature, a guardian angel in the guise of a high-tech doorbell.

But what does "deter" entail in this scenario? And how can you use its abilities to protect your home and repel unwanted guests at bay? Let's talk about it.

What is deter mode on Vivint, Deter on Vivint meaning

What does deter mean?

In plain English, to deter is to discourage someone from doing something, usually through the threat of negative consequences.

Imagine a "wet floor" sign deterring someone from running through a grocery store or a security camera deterring potential burglars.

Vivint's "Deter" feature takes this principle and elevates it to a whole new level, transforming your doorbell camera into a proactive security maestro.

What does "deter" mean on a Vivint Camera Pro?

Deter mode on a Vivint refers to the camera's built-in Smart Deter feature. This feature is designed to proactively discourage potential intruders from approaching your property by automatically activating deterrents.

Think of Vivint's "Deter" as a three-act opera designed to discourage even the most persistent intruders.

When activated (ON), the outdoor camera becomes a conductor, wielding these instruments of security:

Loud alarm

When someone is detected within a designated zone and lingers for too long, the camera will emit a loud pre-recorded warning message or a piercing siren sound.

This sudden burst of noise is intended to startle the individual and make them think twice about continuing their activity.

Bright LED ring

Alongside the audio alarm, the camera's built-in LED ring will also brightly illuminate, instantly drawing attention to the intruder's presence and potentially revealing them to nearby neighbors or authorities.

Records their every move

Even if the initial deterrents fail, the camera diligently captures footage of the entire performance.

This recorded evidence plays like a haunting encore, providing valuable information for authorities or insurance claims, should the curtain fall on a crime.

Benefits of smart deter:

Prevents crime before it happens: By actively deterring intrusion attempts, the camera can potentially help avoid break-ins, vandalism, and other unwanted activity.

Reduces dependence on footage: While recorded footage can be valuable, Smart Deter aims to stop situations from escalating to the point where recording becomes necessary.

Offers additional peace of mind: Knowing that your camera is actively discouraging potential intruders can provide an extra layer of security and comfort.

Adjust the "deter" settings for your Vivint Doorbell Camera

Ready to turn your doorbell into a crime-fighting powerhouse?

Here's how to adjust the "Deter" settings on your Vivint Smart Home app, like a skilled stagehand controlling the props:

1. Navigate to the "Cameras" section. It's like finding your instrument in the orchestra pit.

2. Tap the settings gear icon. Your backstage pass to the technical controls.

3. Select your Outdoor Camera Pro. It's time to spotlight your star performer.

4. Dive into the "Smart Deter" options: This is where you orchestrate the security symphony.

Schedule Choose when your camera plays vigilante (always, never, or specific days/times). Think of it as setting the show's run dates.

You can customize the times and days when Smart Deter is active, ensuring it only engages during vulnerable periods like at night or when you're away.

Tone: Opt for a friendly chime, a sharp whistle, or even a prerecorded "you're being recorded" message.

Different pre-recorded messages or siren sounds are available to choose from, allowing you to personalize the deterrent effect. Choose the sound that best suits your security needs.

Linger duration: Set the time threshold for someone to be considered "loitering" and trigger the deter sequence. This determines how long they have to stay on stage before the spotlight hits them.

You can also define specific areas within the camera's field of view where Smart Deter should trigger, avoiding unnecessary activation by passing vehicles or animals.

Remember, "deter" is just one aspect of the Vivint Camera Pro's overall security functionality. It works alongside features like motion detection, smart locks, two-way audio, and real-time alerts to provide a comprehensive security solution for your home.

I hope this explanation clarifies how "deter" functions on your Vivint Camera Pro. Thanks for reading!

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