How to Add a Product to TikTok Shop (Included Your Own)

How do I add a product to my TikTok shop? Here's a guide to add your product to TikTok Shop, including tips for showcasing your selling items.

TikTok is not just about viral dancing and entertainment. It's a powerful social commerce tool to make more money!

You can even turn those creative videos into a side hustle or a full-blown business with the TikTok Shop.

Image of white TikTok logo with the text Add Product Links to TikTok Shop next to it in a black background.

You can also sell your excellent products or promote your favorite brands as an affiliate. TikTok Shop will help you connect directly with potential buyers!

And here we're going to show you exactly how to get started.

How to Add Product Links to TikTok video

The most crucial part after having items that need to be sold is promotion! It is how to use links in TikTok videos.


Only eligible creators and sellers can include product links in their TikTok videos, so don't get too excited.

You must switch to a business account, set up TikTok Shop, and reside in an area where TikTok Shop is accessible.

Southeast Asia (Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam), the United States, and the United Kingdom are the regions where TikTok Shop is now available.

TikTok creators may need 1000 followers or more, but sellers do not need that much to start a TikTok shop. It takes a little while, but it's well worth the effort!

Step-by-Step Process

Don't be in a hurry to upload your TikTok video. You will get more opportunities if you follow the brief steps below:

1. Create your video

Record or upload a video that features the product you want to promote.

Make it engaging and showcase your product effectively.

2. Tap "Add Link"

In the video editing/posting screen, find the Add Link option.

3. Select "Product"

From the options that appear, choose Product.

4. Choose your product

Select the specific product you want to link from your TikTok Shop catalog.

5. Finalize and post

Add a compelling caption that encourages viewers to click the link. Post your video!

Additional Tips

It would help if you did several additional things to make the audience click on your product. Here are the other tips for you:

High-quality videos: Make sure your videos are well-lit and visually appealing.

Clear product focus: Showcase the product clearly within the video content.

Call to action: Use captions and audio to tell viewers to check out the product link.

Promote: Share your shoppable TikToks on other social media platforms to increase visibility.

How to Add A Product to the TikTok Showcase

Don't just position your videos randomly on your profile. You also have to showcase your product.

Showcase your product catalog directly on your profile, making it easy for viewers to find what they want.

Here's a detailed of the steps to add products to your TikTok showcase:

1. Locate your showcase

Go to your TikTok profile and see a tab labeled "Showcase." Tap this to access your product catalog.

2. Tap the "Add Products" button

You'll see a prominent button allowing you to add new items to your Showcase.

3.  Select from your TikTok shop

A list of products already in your TikTok Shop will appear.

Choose the ones you want to feature on your profile. You can select multiple products to add at once.

4. Confirm and organize

Once you've selected your products, hit "Confirm."

You can then rearrange the order in which they appear in your Showcase for the best presentation.

Strategic considerations

The Showcase is all about connecting your excellent products and the people excited about them.

You put the time into creating those cool videos highlighting what you sell, and the Showcase ensures interested shoppers can find them without any hassle.

This creates a smoother, more enjoyable shopping experience that makes customers feel good about buying from you – and happy customers often lead to more sales!

Unfortunately, you can't add a product from other TikTok sellers to your own if you don't have many followers. However, you can use the Affiliate Marketing method for TikTok to get this opportunity!

Why Can't I Add A Product Link to TikTok?

Okay, so you're all hyped to get your products out there on TikTok, but nothing. No link option? Super annoying!

Let's figure out why you can't add a product link to TikTok.


Double-check you've got the essentials such as TikTok Shop set up, a switched-over business account, and that you're physically located in a region where TikTok Shop is available.

Product approval

Even if you meet requirements, each product you want to tag goes through a review by TikTok. This control helps them maintain platform quality but can sometimes create delays.

Account status

Head to your account settings to see if there are any limitations on your ability to add product links. This could be due to past policy violations or other actions on your account.

Still need help? If none of these reasons apply, reach out directly to TikTok support.

They have access to the ins and outs of your account and can help you pinpoint the exact issue and how to resolve it.

To Recap!

It's easy to include products in your TikTok content! The steps are designed to be user-friendly, whether you want to easily create your TikTok Showcase or tag items within videos.

Remember that to utilize these features, you must first set up your TikTok Shop and be in a qualified region.

With careful planning and attention to detail, TikTok presents a considerable chance to expand your audience and increase sales.

It's time to start making some real money on TikTok with your business skills!

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