7 Free Book Apps for iPhone Without Subscription

Is there an app to read books for free on iPhone? Definitely! Here are our top recommendations for free book apps on iPhone without a subscription.

The transition from printed books to digital media commenced around 18 years ago with the release of the first Kindle in 1996.

Additionally, the rise of the smartphone industry gained momentum with Apple's product innovations in 2010, further propelling the shift towards digital books or e-books.

Over the past decade, e-books have experienced significant advancements. In 2020, e-book sales totaled almost 195 million units.

The United States has forecasted e-book revenue sales of approximately US$5.34 billion, representing an annual growth rate of 0.56% compared to previous years.

These optimistic projections regarding e-book growth have facilitated widespread adoption. Many e-books are now compatible with various devices, including iPhones.

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7 Free Apps to Read Books on iPhone Without Paying

For those interested in accessing books online at no cost, there exists a selection of 7 free book apps for iPhone, requiring no subscription.

1. Libby (OverDrive)

This online reading application is currently undergoing maintenance by Overdrive, a prominent digital distributor of e-books, audiobooks, online magazines, and streaming video content.

Overdrive serves a diverse range of users, including publishers, public libraries, K12 schools, colleges, and corporations, by providing digital rights management and download capabilities.

Libby, one of seven free book apps available for iPhone users without requiring a subscription, offers access to libraries connected with Overdrive.

This insight means that international consumers, as well as those in the United States, can utilize Libby provided their local library is registered with Overdrive.

By simply using a valid library card, users can borrow e-books through the app, which is freely available for download from the app store.

The borrowing process adheres to library lending policies, including limitations on the number of books that can be borrowed and the duration of the borrowing period.

Additionally, Libby offers features such as renewal, return, and the ability to skip ahead in line for titles that are in high demand.

2. Apple Books

Similar to other device brands, Apple offers e-book applications specifically for their products, known as Apple Books, accessible exclusively on Apple devices such as the iPhone and iPad.

Apple Books provides access to a wide range of international books, conveniently available within its application via the bookstore pop-up menu.

Apple Books is among the free book apps for iPhones that offer a mix of free and paid e-books. While many e-books are free to access, some require a purchase, allowing readers to buy them using the payment method linked to their Apple ID.

The Apple Books application features a user-friendly interface, including tabs for Reading Now, Library, Book Store, Audiobook, and Search.

The Reading Now tab displays the current e-book being read and highlights favorite selections from the reader's library.

Users can explore and download additional e-books by navigating to the Book Store tab, where they can find top charts, editor's choices, and free book offerings.

The Search tab enables users to directly search for and add e-books based on their preferences.

3. Goodreads

Goodreads is a widely popular application among book enthusiasts, renowned for its extensive collection of book recommendations.

Unlike e-book downloading or publishing platforms, Goodreads serves as a hub for bookworms to compile and share various recommendations and reviews within the community.

The user interface of the Goodreads application captivates users, encouraging prolonged engagement as they explore diverse recommendations and genres tailored to their preferences.

Beyond discovering new reads through recommendations, users can conveniently purchase books directly from Amazon, thanks to its integration.

As one of the free book apps available for iPhones without requiring a subscription, Goodreads offers access to a wealth of reviews, recommendations, and community discussions on a wide range of books.

Its intuitive interface design ensures a seamless and enjoyable user experience for all.

4. Wattpad

Wattpad stands out as an excellent choice for individuals interested in both reading and writing online novels concurrently.

This platform offers aspiring authors the opportunity to showcase their talents and potentially become best-selling authors.

Functioning as a sophisticated e-book reading application, Wattpad caters to a diverse range of users, providing access to a plethora of free e-books, particularly novels spanning various genres.

Upon opening the Wattpad application, users are presented with a curated selection of books tailored to their preferences, all available for free reading following a simple sign-up process.

Wattpad ranks among the most popular e-book applications among the free book apps for iPhone, offering users the option to purchase books and subscription packages.

These packages, known as Premium and Premium+, enhance the reading experience by providing access to exclusive content, including the Wattpad Original Series, premium novels exclusively released on the platform.

Users can choose between the two packages based on their preferences, with Premium offering ad-free reading and additional perks compared to the standard free version.

5. Kobo

Kobo by Rakuten Inc. is a prominent e-book application for iPhone originating from Ontario, Canada, and operated as a subsidiary of Japan's largest e-commerce company, Rakuten.

Kobo Inc. offers a wide selection of e-books and audiobooks, making it a convenient option for digital reading enthusiasts.

Within the Kobo app, users can explore various genres and e-book options, including biography and memoir, fiction and literature, mystery and suspense, trending e-books, top new releases, and books adapted into movies or TV shows.

In addition to its digital offerings, Kobo Inc. has introduced the Kobo eReader, a reading tablet akin to the Kindle produced by Rakuten.

Launched on September 6, 2012, this front-lit and touch-based e-Ink reader provides users with an immersive reading experience across a range of content types, including novels, non-fiction works, and comics.

Kobo stands as one of the free book apps for iPhone without requiring a subscription, enhancing accessibility for users seeking quality digital reading experiences.

6. Project Gutenberg

The first-ever and the oldest one of the e-books built by the founder Michael S. Hart in 1971, December is the first e-book that is 55 years old and still popular until this time.

Project Gutenberg originated from the name of the philosopher or the first designer of the mechanized printing press, Johannes Gutenberg, in 1455 he printed the Gutenberg Bible.

It is also the largest online library that serves more than 57,000 free e-books that contain the most important literacy in history. The mission of the PG online library is to encourage the creation and distribution of e-books.

Because this online library serves many important of the literacy that is obtained from so long and old era, this library is appropriate for many resources for the educational needs as providing the best of paper insist of general knowledge and dictionary.

This one kind of free book app for iPhone without a subscription is legit.

7. Smashwords

For individuals seeking to publish and monetize their online e-books effectively, you can try Smashwords, as it is a highly recommended platform.

Established in 2008 by Mark Coker in California, this platform boasts a sizable user base of creators who sell a diverse array of e-books to readers worldwide.

Smashwords serves as a self-publishing platform, allowing individuals to publish their e-books at no cost, provided they meet certain requirements.

Authors can earn returns and collect royalties ranging from 30% to 70% of the fixed prices set for their publications.

While Smashwords may not fall under the category of the free book apps for iPhone without subscriptions, it presents a valuable opportunity for aspiring e-book authors to pursue their careers in publishing and gain experience in the field.

As you immerse yourself in the world of reading, particularly e-books, it's worth noting the convenience and accessibility afforded by devices such as iPhones.

The free book apps for iPhone without subscriptions discussed here serve as valuable resources for readers seeking diverse reading materials.

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