When You Get Verified on TikTok, What Does That Mean?

Blue tick symbol on TikTok got you curious? Read on to learn what getting a verified badge on TikTok means here!

Even if you're not aiming to be as famous as your TikTok celebrity crush, learning how to become verified on TikTok is worthwhile.

With its massive number of users, TikTok has offered a big opportunity you could reach, such as making extra money or even getting your favorite products free from endorsement.

TikTok verified symbol with blue tick meaning

Having a verified TikTok account brings you more attention and adds credibility. That blue checkmark is like a thumbs-up from TikTok's top dogs.

If you're curious about how to get that blue checkmark on TikTok, keep reading. We'll cover what TikTok verification means, what perks come with being verified, and why it benefits your account.

What does being verified on TikTok mean?

Once TikTok gives you the thumbs-up for verification, you'll get a special verified badge.

This badge is like a stamp of approval. You see that blue checkmark next to a TikTok account's name when you are searching or checking out profiles.

Having a verified badge means TikTok has double-checked that the account belongs to the person or brand it claims to represent.

So, when you're following verified accounts, you can trust that they're the real deal, not some spoof or fan-made account.

For creators, that verified badge is like a trust-building tool with your followers.

Whether you're a person, a nonprofit, a school, a company, or an official brand page, having that badge brings extra clarity and trust to the TikTok community.

What happens if you get verified on TikTok?

If you get verified on TikTok, you will see a blue checkmark next to your TikTok account's name.

If you don't see the verified badge next to your username but find it somewhere else on your profile, such as in your bio, your account still needs to be verified.

Only TikTok can give out these verified badges, which will always appear in the same spot.

What are the benefits of having a verified account on TikTok?

Getting a verification badge on TikTok is a big deal for businesses and creators. It's not just about proving you're honest, it shows your brand is dedicated to being top-notch, reliable, and engaging.

With this badge, TikTok gives you a thumbs-up, making you stand out in your field.

Let's see how having your TikTok profile verified can help you with these five points.

1. Feeling like a celebrity

Having that little blue checkmark on TikTok is like having a VIP pass. It's usually for famous people and big influencers, showing off how much influence they have.

2. Being trustworthy and real

When TikTok verifies your account, it's like they're checking your ID. A verified account tells people that your account is legit and that you're important enough to be checked out.

3. Staying safe from fakes

With all the fake accounts popping up, having that blue badge is like having a bodyguard.

If someone tries to pretend to be you or makes a fake fan page, having a real, verified account makes it easier to sort out the mess.

4. Getting more attention and followers

That blue badge isn't just for show, it says something about you and your content. When people see it, they know your stuff is worth checking out.

Verified logos can get them interested, making them want to watch your videos and follow you.

5. Opening doors for partnerships

Are you thinking about making extra money from TikTok? Being verified will help you.

Companies are always searching for popular TikTok creators to work with. Being verified shows you're legit and trustworthy, making brands want to collaborate.

In the big picture, getting a verification badge on TikTok is more than just a milestone. It makes your profile stand out. It can boost your visibility, attract more followers, and show that you're a reliable content maker.

Whether you're a big-shot influencer, a business, or just someone who loves TikTok and wants to step up their game, asking for verification is a move worth making.

Go ahead, give it a try! You might end up joining the ranks of TikTok's top stars with that coveted blue checkmark!

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