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How to Change Name - Last Day on Earth: Survival

How to Change Name in Last Day On Earth: Survival. Although it looks trivial, a nickname in a game is important for our identity. This will make you cooler and easily recognizable by other players.

If you've just played LDoE on Android or IOS. You will be given a default name that can be changed. Unfortunately, in the game itself, we are not given the option of naming the character at first and it's not explained exactly how to change it. So we must be independent to find it ourselves.

Although the way is fairly easy, sometimes there is still confused beginners to change their name. Because of that, in this article, We will explain it clearly...
How to Change Name in Last Day on Earth: Survival

The Easiest Way to Change Your Name in Last Day on Earth: Survival

Follow the steps below to change your nickname:
  1. Open the Inventory menu (Backpack icon).
  2. Then look at the top of the screen, above the Health Points (HP), there you'll see your default name (for example Player2716).
  3. Tap the pencil icon to change your default name as you wish.
  4. After you write a name you like, then tap Ok.
  5. Done, now your name has been changed.

Interestingly, you can change your name at any time without any limitations. As a note, the maximum number of letters to make the name are 12.

That's How to Change Name in Last Day on Earth: Survival. Hopefully, this article can help you to change your name. Thanks for reading this short article.

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