Easy Ways to Get a Lot of Money in Harvest Moon: Light of Hope

Here's the best and fastest ways to earn lots of money in Harvest Moon: Light of Hope without cheats!

This article is a part of the Harvest Moon: Light of Hope Guide.

Get money as fast as possible in Harvest Moon: Light of Hope is very important. Because this money will be used to repair houses, bridges, buying seeds, animals, upgrading tools, and your house.

It needs a lot of money to do that, not a bit.

Easy Ways to Get a Lot of Money in Harvest Moon Light of Hope

If you have a lot of money early in this game it will certainly be very helpful, so you can more focus on finishing the main quest.

How to get rich in Harvest Moon: Light of Hope is very-very easy. If you ever play Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories or Skytree Village, it will make it easier for you to play this game.

How to Get More Money Fast in Harvest Moon: Light of Hope

Follow the tips below:

1. Pick up all nature's bounty in the Spring

Early in the game, indeed I've to admit that it's very difficult to get money, so picking up and selling wild plants from nature is the main solution.

Some wild plants that you can take, such as Bamboo Shoot, Tulip, and Marguerite are available near Jeanne's house and mountain region.

For Bamboo Shoot, sell it to Sam, while Tulip and Marguerite sell them to Carol to get a better price.

Do this till you unlock the mines.

2. Complete the request from the villagers (optional)

Once you've successfully completed a request from Jeanne to give celery, another request mission will unlock.

A day later, you will begin to receive requests from villagers to bring certain items. You can check it out through the Mailbox in front of your house or the Mailbox menu on the top right corner of the screen.

If you successfully complete this request, villagers will give you rewards like money or rare items that you can sell or use to complete another request.

3. Mining and sell some gems

Mining is the biggest source of income in Harvest Moon: Light of Hope. As you can see in the picture above, I have 46.029 G when 1 was on Spring 18, Year 1. It's just 2 days from mining.

The mine will open once you've repaired it and fixed Gus's smithy in the mountain. You also need a Hammer to mine that would be given for free by Gus.

He will give you a hammer right after you complete helping him to get an Iron ore. After the mine is unlocked, do mining jobs regularly and get as much as possible precious ores.

The deeper you mine, then the more ore you will get also more rare and expensive.

If you have collected pretty much ores from mine, do not directly sell them to Sam. But refined them first into Gems at Gus's Smithy which used to be more expensive. After that, just sell the gems to Sam.

I am sure, you will have no money troubles if you follow these tips.

If you have a problem with mining, you can read Mining Guide - Harvest Moon: Light of Hope.

That's The Easy Ways to Get a Lot of Money in Harvest Moon: Light of Hope. Actually, there are still plenty of best ways to get money fast, particularly from fishing, and selling animal products. But it takes some time and progresses.

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