Easy Ways to Get a Lot of Money in Harvest Moon: Light of Hope

Here's the best and fastest ways to earn lots of money in Harvest Moon: Light of Hope without cheats!

This article is a crucial part of the Harvest Moon: Light of Hope Guide.

In Harvest Moon: Light of Hope, acquiring money as quickly as possible is vital. These funds are essential for:

  • Repairing houses and bridges,
  • Improving your house
  • Purchasing seeds and animals
  • Upgrading tools

The expenses involved in these tasks are considerable, requiring a substantial amount of money rather than just a small sum.

Easy Ways to Get a Lot of Money in Harvest Moon Light of Hope

Having a significant amount of money early in the game can indeed be immensely beneficial, allowing you to focus more on completing the main quest.

Fortunately, getting rich in Harvest Moon: Light of Hope is quite straightforward, especially if you have experience playing Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories or Skytree Village.

How to Get More Money Fast in Harvest Moon: Light of Hope

Follow the tips below:

1. Pick up all nature's bounty in the Spring

In the early stages of the game, acquiring money can be challenging. I have experienced it myself. One effective solution is to gather and sell wild plants found in nature.

Several wild plants, including Bamboo Shoots, Tulips, and Marguerites, can be harvested near Jeanne's house and in the mountain region.

Sell Bamboo Shoot to Sam, and Tulip and Marguerite to Carol to obtain a better price for your goods.

Continue this practice until you unlock access to the mines!

2. Complete villager requests (optional)

After completing a request from Jeanne to provide celery, a new request mission will become available.

Subsequently, villagers will begin to send requests for specific items, which you can view either through the Mailbox in front of your house or the Mailbox menu located in the top right corner of the screen.

Successfully fulfilling these requests will earn you rewards such as money or rare items, which you can either sell for profit or use to complete subsequent requests.

These request missions provide a valuable opportunity to earn additional income and acquire useful items in the game.

3. Mining and selling some gems

Mining is the biggest source of income in Harvest Moon: Light of Hope. As illustrated in the provided image, I managed to accumulate 46,029 G by Spring 18, Year 1, just two days after commencing mining activities.

The mine becomes accessible once you've repaired it and restored Gus's smithy in the mountain area. Gus will generously provide you with a Hammer for mining purposes, free of charge.

Upon assisting Gus in obtaining an Iron Ore, he will furnish you with a hammer. With the mine unlocked, engage in regular mining expeditions to acquire precious ores abundantly.

Delve deeper into the mine to yield more ore, including rarer and more valuable varieties. This approach ensures a steady influx of income and enhances your overall profitability in the game.

If you've amassed a considerable amount of ores from mining, it's advisable not to sell them directly to Sam.

Instead, refine them into Gems at Gus's Smithy, as they tend to fetch a higher price. Once refined, you can then sell the gems to Sam for a more profitable return.

By following these tips, you're likely to experience minimal financial difficulties in the game.

If you have a problem with mining, you can read Mining Guide - Harvest Moon: Light of Hope.

These are just some of the easy ways to accumulate wealth in Harvest Moon: Light of Hope.

Fishing and selling animal products are also lucrative avenues, although they may require more time and progression to yield substantial profits.

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