How to Have a Child in Harvest Moon: Light of Hope

How do I have a baby in Harvest Moon: Light of Hope Switch, PC, and Android? How long the child grow up completely? This article will answer it all!

Have a baby in Harvest Moon: Light of Hope is one of the goals of the player after married. Then it is not wrong if many of you are asking or searching how to have a child in this game on Google.

In Harvest Moon: Light of Hope, you can have two children (needs confirmation). For now, they can't do anything. However, it's still unknown whether your child can eventually help you on the farm or not in the future.

Okay, no need to talk too much, here's ...

How to Have a Child in Harvest Moon: Light of Hope

How to get a child in Harvest Moon: Light of Hope

If you want to have a child you must get married first. I'm assuming you are already married, but if you haven't, please read How to Get Married in Harvest Moon: Light of Hope.

Afterward, you must buy a baby crib from Doc's architects. You will need Hardwood Lumber 5x, Wool 5x, and Silver, as well as money for 2500 G to make it.

Like most Harvest Moon games, all you need to do is just waiting until the time is right. But the question is how long does it take until a baby is born and fully grows up?

Well, this is the timeline...

Your wife will pregnant 30 days (one season) after the wedding. So, if you married on Winter 20, Year 1, your wife will pregnant on Spring 20, year 2.

There will occur a scene where your wife is not feeling well after you call Jeanne to your house, you'll know that your wife was not sick, but she was pregnant.

30 days thereafter, you'll have a scene again where your wife asks you to select the gender of your baby. You can choose between a Boy or a Girl.

30 days afterward, your wife will give birth to her first baby, the gender depending on your preferences before.

You will also be given a formula for making baby milk and toys (Book Picture and Rattle) by Carol. Make sure to give your baby milk and play with him/her with the toys every day. If not, he/she won't be growing up.

30 days after your baby was born, there will be a scene where your baby can crawl.

30 days after your baby could crawl, there will be a scene where your baby can walk.

30 days after your baby could walk, finally he/she grow up completely. In this condition, you no longer need to give him/her milk because he/she can live independently.

But, when your child is growing up, he/she will be affected by a disease known as "Petrifaction" and you have to use a medicine (Petrifaction remedy) to cure him/her.

To get the medicine, you need some help sequentially from Jeanne -> Edmond -> Harvest God -> Gorgan -> Harvest Goddess -> Doc -> Harvest God.

Note: You will need 10 Hardwood lumbers, 40 Glass Materials, and a Soul Gem to make the Magic Pot on Doc's Architects to contain the medicine.

How to Have Child HM: LoH

Once you use the medicine on your child, he'll be better on the next day and you'll earn a "Help from Above" trophy.

In total, at least you need 6 seasons (180 days) after marriage in order to have a first child. This is certainly a very long time and probably can make you tired of waiting.

How to have a second child in Harvest Moon: Light of Hope?

I'm not sure if we can have a second child as in the previous Natsume's Harvest Moon series because I haven't had a second baby already.

But, from my experience playing all this time, almost all of the features in the Light of Hope adapted from the Seeds of Memories and Skytree Village.

I was thinking that the Light of Hope was the newer version of the Seeds of Memories. The game wasn't released on the PC platform with the addition of features from Skytree Village and a few new features.

Back to the topic of discussion...

To have a second child, if it possible, probably in short like this...

Your wife will pregnant with the second baby for 30 days once your first baby growing up completely (can walk and talk).

Check the Doc's architect does he provide the baby crib again or not. If available, you must buy it. While the next process is almost the same as the first child.

That's How to have a child in Harvest Moon: Light of Hope. I'll update this article if I find new information. Thanks for reading this article...

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