What Happened Between PCSX2 and DamonPS2 Pro Emulator?

Is it true that DamonPS2 Pro stole and use the source codes of the PCSX2 and PPSSPP? Here's the full story!

In November 2017, an emulator called DamonPS2 Pro appeared on the Google Play Store. Maybe you already know that this emulator can run PS2 games on the mobile platform, especially Android.

This emulator became the subject of conversation among PS2 game enthusiasts around the World. A popular forum like Reddit.com was also busy discussing it. We have also explained How to Play PS2 Games on Android Using DamonPS2 Pro Emulator

From some of the comments I read on the Reddit forum, many people are questioning whether the emulator is a scam, fake, or even seriously developed.

Full Story of Damonps2 Pro vs PCSX2 Emulator
Credit: ShowTodayTV.com

It's also said that the developer of this emulator stole some source codes under GPL license from other emulators, such as PCSX2 which is a PS2 game emulator on Windows (PC).

This news also reached the ears of the PCSX2 team and DamonPS2 Pro developer so there was a drama mutual claim more exciting than Korean drama.

Full Story of DamonPS2 Vs PCSX2

On January 5th, 2018, DamonPS2 made an announcement via a Facebook page that their app will not show up for a while on Google Play due to a violation of the description that is not in line with Google Play policies.

On January 11th, 2018, the PCSX2 team made an official post on their website claiming that DamonPS2 had stolen PCSX2 source codes. They also posted some pictures on Facebook, and one of them found that Gameindex.dbf used by DamonPS2 was the same as PCSX2.

The worst thing is that according to the PCSX2 who had made contact via E-mail before, the PCSX2 team was offered some money by the DamonPS2 Pro developer to shut up. But DamonPS2 continues to claim that they didn't steal the PCSX2 source codes.

Reacting to Damon's unexpected response, PCSX2 intends to launch a DMCA Takedown in hopes that the DamonPS2 Pro emulator will be removed from Google Play.

But before that happens, DamonPS2 Pro is no longer on Google Play. PCSX2 thinks this is just a trick to avoid being banned from Google Play. Be aware of what the PCSX2 team will do.

After that, DamonPS2 made some long posts from January 10th - 17th, 2018. The point was the same, they clarified and insisted that they have 100% copyright from the Damon PS2 Pro source codes.

They claim that Google Play has rejected some DMCA requests from some emulator developers, such as PCSX2. And explained that the removal of DamonPS2 Pro from Google Play was pure because there were copyright owner claims of PS2 games mentioned in the description.

Our Opinion About This Problem

If we are in a Developer position, of course, we will do the same response as the PCSX2 team by reporting to DMCA takedown if it's proved that our source codes were stolen. Similarly, if our article was stolen without any permission, especially with no credit.

Meanwhile, from a user perspective, surely most of us want this DamonPS2 emulator to be developed further. We've been waiting for an emulator to run PS2 games smoothly on the mobile platform. No matter the fight between the developers.

This was very ironic, should both developers work together to develop a stable PS2 game emulator for the mobile platform. But now it's impossible.

When we tried to comment on PCSX2's post on Facebook, like this...

Maybe you need to start stabilizing PCSX2 emulator on Android, or you need to recruit him, instead of charging the DamonPS2 developer.

They openly responded that they didn't want to work with the DamonPS2 developer who lied to them and their users and didn't admit to using the source codes of PCSX2.

But they also can't develop the PCSX2 emulator on Android because of busy work in real life. They also suggest keeping an eye on an upcoming emulator like Play!

Hmm, we don't know who's right and who's wrong here. But I think, it's true that DamonPS2 uses some PCSX2 source codes.

To the midpoint of this problem, I agree with the DamonPS2 developer, let Google be the last judge to determine it.

If the DamonPS2 Pro app is re-published on Google Play, then the PCSX2 allegations are not entirely true. But if it's never released again and no further development, it can be concluded that DamonPS2 is a scammer.

Updated on April 1, 2018: DamonPS2 Pro emulator comes back to Google Play and starts the development again. But it still can't run a game in the lower specification smartphones.

Updated on July 4, 2018: The developer no longer updates the DamonPS2 pro emulator.

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