What Does 🌚 Dark Moon Emoji Mean?

🌚 Black Moon emoji meaning. Dark Moon emoji 🌚 meaning in text. What does this emoji 🌚 mean on social media apps?

I actually don't want to talk much about this emoji. A real man rarely uses emojis, and girls don't like to see guys use emojis a lot in texting on Snapchat and WhatsApp, especially those that look bad and annoying like this one "🌚🌚🌚."

What does the black moon emoji mean?

In general, the name of this emoji 🌚 is "New Moon Face." It is also known as Creepy Moon, Dark Moon Face, Molester Moon, and New Moon with Face.

Dark moon emoji meaning

It has many names in English and probably a different name in the native language of various countries, too.

As I said above, the appearance of this emoji 🌚 is kinda sus for some reason. Looks like the moon is depicted as a dark-black disk with a slightly smiling face and nose.

It was reportedly inspired by a fictional image known as "Man in the Moon." It might also remind you of Thomas the Tank Engine.

What Does the 🌚 Black Moon Emoji Mean?

This emoji "🌚" has various different meanings that are not nearly as bad as its digital appearance depending on the context.

It can neutrally be used to represent the moon in general because netizens on social media apps usually use it when they are about to enter a new moon phase, or there is an eclipse phenomenon that occurs.

I'm trying to be positive here. New month new passion. Yep, it sounds stupid, but that's the meaning I caught from this emoji 🌚 at first.

I also got information from someone that the dark moon emoji can be used to express awkwardness or embarrassment in texting.

According to Emojipedia, it's popular because it is considered a creepy emoji, used to express disapproval of something, hard-to-explain subjects, or convey a variety of suggestive or ironic sentiments.

But it turns out that after I looked deeper on the Internet, it also has a dark meaning that the emoji sender is trying to make invitations or s*xual intentions to someone in chatting.

Whether you get this emoji 🌚 from a guy or a girl is the same. Can you imagine how scary it is?

Surprisingly, it is widely used by K-Poppers in the K-Pop industry.

Dark Moon Emoji 🌚 Meaning in Kpop

I've found that it is also popularly used on social media apps by the K-pop community, especially by ARMY, the BTS fans.

Where I come from, they used to call it "Bulgos," which is an abbreviation for "Bulan Gosong" or "Burnt Moon" in English.

Fangirls use it when someone is talking about their "Friday night rituals." They hide it behind the so-called "K-pop fanfictions" when, in fact, it's pretty much similar to "yadong."

So 🌚 is a kind of emoji to refer to and express obscene things by fangirls to their favorite male idols. The emoji depicts the face of a person who is aroused and begins to imagine something dirty in their mind.

You all don't need to know the details, it should be. It's not really that important though, I think the explanation of the meaning of the dark moon emoji above is enough.

Why is the Black Moon emoji getting so much popularity?

The simple reason is that many people from different interests use this emoji 🌚 in text across social media apps such as Twitter, Messenger, TikTok, Snapchat, and WhatsApp.

It has gained so much more popularity on TikTok, ever since multiple video content known as "#EmojiPrank" was becoming a trend in March 2020.

But this emoji 🌚 actually is really unique despite the dark meaning behind it. What's so unique about it? You may ask.

So, each mobile phone brand and computer-based technology product (e.g. social media apps) has a different emoji design. Obviously, it can be interpreted differently if the designs are as shown below.

Dark Moon Emoji 🌚 Mean (Apple) Dark Moon Emoji 🌚 Meaning (Google) Black Moon Emoji 🌚 Meaning (Microsoft) Dark Moon Emoji 🌚 Mean (Samsung) Black Moon Emoji 🌚 Mean (Twitter) Dark Moon Emoji 🌚 Meaning (WhatsApp)

Emoji pics from left to right: Apple, Google, Microsoft, Samsung, Twitter, and WhatsApp

You can see other similar dark moon emoji designs here: 🌚 New Moon With Face Emoji. I hope this will give you some insight. Thanks for reading!

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