How to Get All Stone Tablets - Harvest Moon: Light of Hope Walkthrough

Harvest Moon: Light of Hope guide and walkthrough: How to get all the stone tablets and finish the main storylines.

In Harvest Moon: Light of Hope, you must get five stone tablets to revive the lighthouse and save the island from disaster. This milestone signifies the completion of the main quest or storyline in the game.

Completing the main quest in Light of Hope is relatively straightforward compared to other Harvest Moon games due to the short storyline. For instance, I managed to complete it by Fall of year 1.

How to Get All Stone Tablets in Harvest Moon: Light of Hope

Indeed, some players may encounter difficulties or become stuck in certain quests while searching for stone tablets. Therefore, I've created this article to provide assistance.

Before delving into detailed explanations, here are some tips for those who are struggling to complete the main storyline:

  1. Never skip dialogue related to the main quest, even if you don't understand English, as all the clues are provided within the dialogue.
  2. Repair bridges and houses as soon as you have the required materials.
  3. Upon obtaining a stone tablet, promptly place it on the panel near the lighthouse.

These tips can be invaluable for both novice and experienced players alike in navigating through the game.

That's the essence of completing the main story of Harvest Moon: Light of Hope.

Now, a gentle reminder: if you prefer to avoid spoilers, it's advisable to stop reading here. However, if you're comfortable with spoilers, feel free to continue to the main discussion.

Get All Stone Tablets - Harvest Moon: Light of Hope Walkthrough

Here are the steps you must go through to get all the stone tablets:

How to Get the 1st Stone Tablet

You will get it after completing the basic tutorial given by Jeanne. The next day you will meet Rowan, the yellow sprite, and get your first Stone Tablet.

How to Get the 2nd Stone Tablet

You will be given by Sam as a gift because you have repaired his store.

How to Get All Stone Tablets in Harvest Moon: Light of Hope

Firstly, you'll need an Axe, which Naomi lends to you. This Axe is crucial for obtaining softwood lumber, a material needed to repair Sam's store.

To acquire the Axe, complete a quest by giving Sally a Bamboo Shoot and one of your crops (such as Cabbage) to convince her that you are not an evil foreigner.

For those unfamiliar with Naomi's house location, it's situated in Beacon Town, specifically in the bottom right corner.

Once you've obtained the second stone tablet, your next task is to place it in the lighthouse. However, it won't work like the first stone tablet did.

You'll require assistance from Blossom, the pink sprite. To locate Blossom, you'll need to repair Carol's flower shop.

How to Get the 3rd Stone Tablet

After installing the second stone tablet and activating the second light of the lighthouse, the mountain area will unlock the following day. Explore this newly accessible area until you encounter events involving Naomi, Sally, Doc, and Nova.

Doc will request that you repair his house. Upon completing the event with Nova, be sure to retrieve the broken stone tablet that Nova drops. Install these broken stone tablets in the lighthouse to receive further instructions.

Your next tasks include repairing the bridge (located in front of where you found the broken stone tablet), Gus's smithy, and the Mine.

The day after, an event will occur in the mountain area where you'll meet Gus's granddaughter, Melanie.

Subsequently, meet Gus at the mine. He'll lend you a Hammer and task you with finding an Iron Ore within the mine. Upon completing this mission, you'll receive a hammer, and an orange sprite named Flint will appear.

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Spend a few days mining until you gather enough materials to repair Doc and Cyril's house. If you already have sufficient materials, prioritize repairing Doc's house. If you possess the broken third Stone Tablet, Doc will borrow it for research purposes.

Once Doc's house is repaired, proceed to repair Cyril's house. The following day, you'll meet Cyril, who will express his gratitude by giving you a Fishing Rod as a token of appreciation.

Your next task is to fish for the third stone tablet fragment. You can acquire it by fishing in front of the Harvest Goddess Spring or in the river near the location where you found the broken third stone tablet.

Upon obtaining a piece of the third stone tablet, Dewy, the blue crybaby sprite, will make an appearance.

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You will need help from Doc to combine the two fragments of the tablet. He asks you to bring Iron Ore 3x and Glass 5x to combine them back into one tablet.

After that, place the perfect third stone tablet in the lighthouse and you will open the beach area on the next day.

Note: When you're in search of this third stone tablet, you've to repair all of the remaining villagers' houses (Bastian, Sofia, Tabitha, and Gareth).

You also need to repair the animal barn, buy animals from Sofia (Calvin, the red sprite will appear), and repair the Windmill on your farm for further quest preparation.

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How to Get the 4th Stone Tablet

The day after placing the third stone tablet, you'll hear Edmond's voice outside your house. Head to Harvest Goddess Spring to meet Edmond, Gareth, and Tabitha. They will foretell the existence of the fourth and fifth stone tablets.

You'll learn that the fourth stone tablet is in the possession of the Harvest Goddess. Your task now is to locate her, with your only clue being the beach.

Visit the beach where you may encounter Michael. Engage in conversation with him before heading to Beacon Town. Here, you'll trigger an event where villagers are discussing the Blue Bird. Speak to all of them to gather clues.

Following this, on the next day or shortly after waking up, one of the sprites will inform you about the Blue Bird. Head to the beach on a sunny or cloudy day around 7:00 PM. However, you won't spot the Blue Bird during this time.

Next, consult Gabriel for crucial clues to locate the Blue Bird. He'll also share the recipe for crafting Delicious Animal Feed using the Windmill, which requires flour and strawberry as ingredients.

Upon successfully preparing Delicious Animal Feed, rendezvous with Gabriel in front of your house. He expresses a desire to accompany you to witness the Blue Bird firsthand. Proceed to the beach on a sunny or cloudy day around 7:00 PM.

There, you'll encounter the Blue Bird, who presents an apple before you. The apple transforms into a green sprite named Woody in front of your eyes.

After the departure of the Blue Bird, Woody instructs you to bring a Strawberry Jam to the Harvest Goddess Spring.

How to Get All Stone Tablets in Harvest Moon: Light of Hope

Since you currently lack the recipe for making Strawberry Jam, visit Bastian's restaurant. An event will unfold where Elise provides you with the recipe to create Strawberry Jam.

Once you've obtained the recipe, return to your house and prepare the Strawberry Jam.

With the Strawberry Jam in hand, head to Harvest Goddess Spring. The Blue Bird you encountered earlier will appear and transform into the beautiful woman known as the Harvest Goddess.

In a generous gesture, she will entrust you with the fourth stone tablet she carries.

How to Get the 5th Stone Tablet

After placing the fourth Stone in the lighthouse, a portal to the sky will open in front of the lighthouse, leading you to meet the Harvest God. He will graciously present you with the fifth stone tablet.

However, when you attempt to place the fifth stone tablet, a sudden storm ensues, and lightning strikes the tablet stone, shattering it. This destructive act is attributed to Gorgan.

Seek guidance from Harvest God, Harvest Goddess, and Edmond at Harvest Goddess Spring. They will advise you to visit Doc to create a copy of the fifth stone tablet.

Doc will request the following materials to craft the copy: 2x Jade, 10x Stone, and either a Pink Rose (Spring) or a Sunflower (Summer), depending on the current season.

Harvest Moon: Light of Hope Fifth Stone Tablet

Doc will request once more that you bring the flower you gave to Carol, prompting Carol to inquire about returning a flower to Doc.

Eventually, you succeed in obtaining a new fifth stone tablet crafted by Doc. However, your task is far from complete, as it becomes apparent that the copy lacks the same power as the original. Thus, it requires the infusion of Magic Power.

You learn that Nova is the daughter of Gorgan, the Underworld King, and possesses the ability to impart some strength to the stone tablet. However, it still requires more power.

To bolster Nova's abilities, you must procure the Cyanocrystal from her father, Gorgan. To do so, you'll need to repair the bridge near Jeanne's house to access Gorgan's realm.

Despite your efforts to persuade Gorgan, you are ultimately rebuffed and instructed to leave his domain.

Afterwards, return to Harvest Goddess Spring.

Your final task is to locate the last sprite, Oliver. To summon Oliver, bring a Pink Dahlia, Yellow Perch, and Great Wool to Harvest Goddess Spring.

Note that there was a bug in the game on PC where the sprite mistakenly requested a Yellow Dahlia, but no event would trigger.

Obtaining Great Wool may require some patience and time.

Eventually, an event will occur where you meet Oliver.

Subsequently, attempt to place the fifth stone tablet by the lighthouse.

Finally, with the collective efforts of all villagers of Beacon Town, the lighthouse is completely revived, saving Beacon Island and concluding the main storyline!

That concludes the guide on How to Get All of the Stone Tablets in Harvest Moon: Light of Hope. I hope this guide is helpful to those struggling to complete the main storyline.

After completing this main quest, your next endeavor is to get married and start a family. If you have any questions regarding this article, feel free to ask in the comments below. Thank you.