How to Get All Stone Tablets - Harvest Moon: Light of Hope Walkthrough

Harvest Moon: Light of Hope guide and walkthrough: How to get all the stone tablets and finish the main storylines.

There are basically 5 stone tablets that you have to get to revive the lighthouse, so the island can be saved from the disaster in Harvest Moon: Light of Hope. It is also a marker that you manage to complete the main quest or story of this game.

Actually, completing the main quest in Light of Hope is quite easy compared to other Harvest Moon games I've ever played. It's because the storyline is too short. I completed it when I was in Fall, year 1.

How to Get All Stone Tablets in Harvest Moon: Light of Hope

But indeed, there are some players who struggle or stuck in certain quests and look around for a walkthrough and a guide to find the stone tablet.

Hence, I make this article for you.

Before we are going to the deeper explanation, I give some tips for you who are confused to complete the main storyline. Here are the tips:

  1. Never skip dialogue related to the main quest even though you don't understand English because all the clues are in the dialogue.
  2. Repair the bridges and houses if you already have the required materials.
  3. After you get a stone tablet, you must place it immediately on the panel near the lighthouse.

You can also use these useful tips for starting players.

That's the key to completing the main story of Harvest Moon: Light of Hope.

Okay, I want to remind you that if you don't like spoilers, you better stop reading here, but if you don't mind, just continue to the main discussion.

Get All Stone Tablets - Harvest Moon: Light of Hope Walkthrough

Here are the steps you must go through to get all the stone tablets:

How to Get the 1st Stone Tablet

You will get it after completing the basic tutorial given by Jeanne. The next day you will meet Rowan, the yellow sprite, and get your first Stone Tablet.

How to Get the 2nd Stone Tablet

You will be given by Sam as a gift because you have repaired his store.

How to Get All Stone Tablets in Harvest Moon: Light of Hope

First, you must have an Axe lend by Naomi to get softwood lumber as a material to repair Sam's store.

To get an Axe, you must complete a quest to give Sally a Bamboo Shoot and one of your crops (Cabbage) to convince her that you are not an evil foreigner.

For you who don't know where is Naomi's house, She lives in Beacon Town, her house locates in the bottom right corner.

After getting the second stone tablet, your next job is placing it in the lighthouse, but this time it will not work as the first stone tablet.

You need some help from Blossom, the pink sprite. To find him, you have to repair Carol's flower shop.

How to Get the 3rd Stone Tablet

Once installing the second stone tablet and turning on the second light of the lighthouse, the next day the mountain area will unlock. Explore that area until you get some events to meet Naomi, Sally, Doc, and Nova.

Doc will ask you to repair his house. Don't forget to take a broken stone tablet (Nova drops it) after the event with Nova finished. Install the broken stone tablets in the lighthouse for further instructions.

Next, you have to repair the bridge (in front of you found the broken stone tablet), Gus's smithy, and the Mine.

The next day, there will be an event going on if you visit the mountain area, you will meet Gus's granddaughter, Melanie.

After that, meet Gus at the mine. He'll lend you a Hammer and ask you to find an Iron Ore in the mine. If you finish this mission in this section, you will get a hammer and an orange sprite named Flint will appear.

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Spend your time a few days to mine until you can repair the Doc and Cyril's house. If you already have enough materials, repair the Doc's house immediately. And if you have the broken third Stone Tablet, he will borrow it for research.

Next, repair Cyril's house and the next day you'll be meet him and he gives you a Fishing Rod as a gift for helping him.

Now your job is fishing the third stone tablet fragment. You can get it if you fishing in front of Harvest Goddess Spring or in the river near the location you found the broken third stone tablet.

When you get a piece of a third stone tablet, Dewy, the blue cry baby sprite will show up.

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You will need help from Doc to combine the two fragments of the tablet. He asks you to bring Iron Ore 3x and Glass 5x to combine them back into one tablet.

After that, place the perfect third stone tablet in the lighthouse and you will open the beach area on the next day.

Note: When you're in search of this third stone tablet, you've to repair all of the remaining villagers' houses (Bastian, Sofia, Tabitha, and Gareth).

You also need to repair the animal barn, buy animals from Sofia (Calvin, the red sprite will appear), and repair the Windmill on your farm for further quest preparation.

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How to Get the 4th Stone Tablet

The next day after you place the third stone tablet, there will be Edmond's voice from outside your house. After that, you must go to Harvest Goddess Spring to meet Edmond, Gareth, and Tabitha. They will predict the existence of the fourth and fifth stone tablets for you.

From there you will know that the fourth stone tablet is in the Harvest Goddess's hands. Your job now is to find her. For now, your clue is only on the beach.

Go to the beach and you might find Michael there, talk to him. After that, go to Beacon Town, and you will trigger an event where some villagers are discussing the Blue Bird. Talk to them all to get some clues.

From here I am a bit forgot, maybe the next day, just after you wake up, one of the sprites will tell you about the Blue Bird. Go to the beach on a sunny and cloudy day at night, around 7:00 PM. But, you will not see the Blue Bird this time.

Next, talk to Gabriel and he will tell you very important clues to find the Blue Bird. He also tells you the recipe for making Delicious Animal Feed through the Windmill. The ingredients for making it are flour and strawberry.

After successfully making Delicious Animal Feed, talk to Gabriel again in front of your house, essentially he wants to come with you and see the Blue Bird with his own eyes. Then go to the beach on a sunny and cloudy day at night, around 7:00 PM.

There, you will meet Blue Bird and she brings an apple in front of you. The apple then turned into a green sprite named Woody.

After Blue Bird leaves, Woody tells you to bring a Strawberry Jam to the Harvest Goddess Spring.

How to Get All Stone Tablets in Harvest Moon: Light of Hope

Since you do not have a recipe to make Strawberry Jam, go to Bastian's restaurant. There will be an event where you are given a recipe to make Strawberry Jam by Elise.

After that, you can make Strawberry Jam at your house.

Bring the Strawberry Jam you made to Harvest Goddess Spring. The Blue Bird you have previously seen will come and turn into a beautiful woman, Harvest Goddess.

She will give you the fourth stone tablet she carries.

How to Get the 5th Stone Tablet

Once you place the fourth Stone in the lighthouse, a portal to the sky (Harvest God) will open in front of the lighthouse. Meet Harvest God and he will give you the fifth stone tablet.

When you want to place the fifth stone tablet, suddenly there is a storm and lightning hit the tablet stone and destroy it. The existence of this storm and lightning is the act of Gorgan.

Talk to Harvest God, Harvest Goddess, and Edmond at Harvest Goddess Spring. Next, you are asked to visit Doc to make a copy of the fifth stone tablet.

Doc asks you to bring Jade 2x, Stone 10x, and a Pink Rose (Spring) / Sunflower (Summer), depending on the season you are in.

Harvest Moon: Light of Hope Fifth Stone Tablet

Doc will ask you again to bring the flower you gave to Carol, later Carol will reply and ask you to give a flower back to Doc.

In the end, you manage to get a new fifth stone tablet made by Doc.

But your job is not done yet, it turns out the copy of the stone tablet doesn't have the same power as the original. So it needs to be added Magic Power.

From here you will find out that Nova is Gorgan's daughter, the Underworld King. So she can add a little strength to the stone tablet, but it is still not enough.

To increase the power of Nova, you must ask and get the Cyanocrystal from her father, Gorgan. After that, you have to repair the bridge near Jeanne's house to meet Gorgan.

However, your attempt to convince Gorgan is unsuccessful and you are told to get out from his area.

After that, go back to Harvest Goddess Spring.

Your last option is to find the last sprite, Oliver. You must bring a Pink Dahlia, Yellow Perch, and Great Wool to Harvest Goddess Spring. There was a bug in the game on PC, the sprite told you to bring a Yellow Dahlia, but nothing happened.

You may need a little patience and time to get great wool.

Later, there will be an event where you meet Oliver.

Then try to place the fifth stone tablet by the lighthouse.

Finally, the lighthouse is revived completely with the help of all villagers of Beacon Town. Beacon Island is saved and the main storyline is over!

That's How to Get All of the Stone Tablets in Harvest Moon: Light of Hope. I hope this guide can help you who are having trouble to finish the main storyline.

After complete this main quest, your next task is married and has a child. If you have any questions related to this article, feel free to ask through the comments below. Thanks.

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  1. Unknown
    What if you have a great pink dahlia, ultimate wool, and a yellow perch? I took them to the spring but nothing happens?
    • Ach. Mu'afi
      If you played on PS4 or Switch I am sure the bug has been fixed. So, you need a yellow dahlia, yellow perch and great wool (not ultimate).
  2. Unknown
    Oh, okay! I'm on the Switch so that explains it. Thank you!
    • Ach. Mu'afi
      Sure, I’m happy to help.
  3. Unknown
    How do you get great wool if your sheep gives you ultimate wool? Should I sell it and but another sheep and wait to get great wool?
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