Animals Guide - Harvest Moon: Light of Hope Walkthrough

How to get a dog, bobcat, horse, and other animals in Harvest Moon: Light of Hope Special Edition for Switch and Android. Here's the complete guide!

This page is part of the Harvest Moon: Light of Hope Guide. Here I will talk about all things related to animals in HM: LoH.

I've often received a lot of questions regarding how to get this and that animal, and how to quickly increase their affection. Hence, I made this article, especially for you who have a problem with anything related to animals.

Animals - Harvest Moon: Light of Hope Guide

How to Get Dog, Horse, and Other Animals in Harvest Moon: Light of Hope

The first step is to repair the bridge located in the bottom right corner of the mountain area after obtaining a hammer. This will lead you to a house known as Sofia's Livestock, which you'll need to repair.

Once you've repaired Sofia's house, a cutscene will occur the following day. Sofia, Gabriel, Michael, and their dog, Max, will visit their house. They'll need a day to settle in and prepare to open the business.

The day after, there will be an event where Gabriel and Max will provide some insights into raising animals. Following this scene, you'll have the opportunity to purchase animals from Sofia's Livestock.

However, to buy animals, you'll also need to repair the chicken coop and animal barn on your farm. Upon purchasing an animal, Sofia will guide the fundamentals of animal husbandry and supply you with tools such as a Brush, Pitchfork, Milker, and Clipper for livestock care.

The Animals sold by Sofia's Livestock:

  • Chicken, Price: 3000 G, Product: Egg
  • Cow, Price: 7000 G, Product: Milk
  • Sheep, Price: 10000 G, Product: Wool
  • Poitou Donkey, Price: 20000 G, Product: Donkey fur
  • Dog, Price: 7000 G
  • Horse, Price: 20000 G
  • Cotton Sheep, Price: 30000 G, Product: Cotton Candy Wool
  • Silky Donkey, Price: 60000 G, Product: Silky Fur
  • Brown Chicken, Price: 6000 G, Product: Candy Egg
  • Brown Cow, Price: 20000 G, Product: Chocolate Milk

You will buy all the animals above in infant condition, except the horse. So it takes several days to make them grow up and eventually produce a product (if they can).

Days to Grow Up:

  • Chicken: 8 days
  • Cow: 15 days
  • Sheep: 12 days
  • Donkey: 30 days

Don't be surprised if Dog and Horse are not on the list of animals sold by Sofia because it was originally like that.

The dog will be unlocked if you have placed the third Stone Tablet and unlock the Beach area, while the Horse will be available in the Summer (if I'm not mistaken).

Note: Candy Animals (Cotton Sheep, Silky Donkey, Brown Cow, Brown Chicken) will be available after you've completed the main story.

So, the short steps you should take to have animals are:

1. Repair the bridge in the mountain

Materials: Softwood Lumber 5x, Stone 2x
Cost: 600 G

2. Repair Sofia's Livestock

Materials: Softwood Lumber 3x, Stone 10x
Cost: 300 G

3. Repair the Animal Barn

Materials: Softwood Lumber 30x, Material Stone 10x
Cost: 1500 G

4. Repair the Chicken coop

Materials: Softwood Lumber 20x, Material Stone 7x
Cost: 1000 G

5. Buy animals you want to keep

How to Get Bobcat in Harvest Moon: Light of Hope

Bobcat is the only animal you can't buy at Sofia Livestock. But you can get it if you've upgraded your house for the first time on Doc's Architect.

You need 85000 G and some materials like Hardwood Lumber 50x, Mithril 5x, and Glass 10x for upgrading to a large house.

Next, you'll need to visit the mountain area daily to interact with a Bobcat and build a friendship with it. Consistent interactions will eventually allow you to adopt the Bobcat as your pet.

How to Quickly Increase Animal Affection in Harvest Moon: Light of Hope

To improve the quality of animal products like Great Wool, Great Egg, Ultimate Wool, Miracle Egg, etc., it's essential to enhance your animals' affection levels (measured in music notes).

While there may be tricks to quickly increase animal affection in HM: SoM, it's uncertain whether they apply to this game. Therefore, it's recommended to rely on natural methods.

Ensure you feed, pet, and brush your animals daily, especially if they're dirty. Note that you can only brush your animals when they're dirty. Additionally, maintain cleanliness in the barn or coop by regularly removing animal waste.

Grow a lot of grass and bring your animals outside for grazing on sunny days. Then enter them back to the barn in the evening. Don't leave them outside if you don't want your animals sick.

The animal foods you give are also very influential to increase the animal notes, giving Delicious Animals Feed will certainly increase their love faster than Great Animals Feed.

To check the status of your animals, click on the notebook located near the barn door. From there, you can view the number of music notes indicating your animal's affection level, as well as whether they're hungry, dirty, or sick.

How to Get Delicious Animal Feed in Harvest Moon: Light of Hope

You could buy animal feed in Sofia's Livestock. But you could also make your own with better quality via the Windmill located next to the Animal Barn or Mountaintop.

But you have to repair the Windmill first to make it work again. You need Softwood Lumber 20x, Iron 2x, and 1000 G of money to repair it.

How to Get Delicious Animal Feed

Later there will be a quest where you are required to make a Delicious Animal Feed (Talk Gabriel to get the recipe) to find and attract the attention of Bluebird which is the embodiment of Harvest Goddess.

After that, you can make a Delicious Animal Feed of a mixture of Flour 2x and Strawberry 2x through Windmill on your farm.

Upgrade Animal Barn and Chicken Coop

If you want to upgrade the barn and coop, you could buy the upgrade from Doc's Architect. Talk to him when he is at home from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM, except on Sundays.

But, this upgrade will be only available after you finish the main story. Upgrading a barn or coop allows you to raise animals from initially 5 to 15.

That's all you need to know about animals in Harvest Moon: Light of Hope. If there is a question related to this article, please feel free to ask me via comments. Thank you...