How to Transfer and Load Harvest Moon: Light of Hope Save File on Another Computer

Where is the Harvest Moon: Light of Hope save file? How to load it on another computer? Here's the guide!

If we want to continue the game of Harvest Moon: Light of Hope, of course, we must have a save file to be loaded.

But what if the save file is missing? How to restore it?

Surely, we do not want to play from scratch again. Well, in this article, I will help you to fix it.

How to Copy Harvest Moon: Light of Hope Save File on Another Computer

The Causes of Harvest Moon: Light of Hope Save File is Missing

1. You Play on Another Computer

Changing PC or Laptop to play HM: LoH causes you to lose the save file. For example, initially, you play on PC (A), then you want to play on Laptop (B).

It turns out, the save file of HM: LoH doesn't want to connect to the laptop you want. Basically, it's because Harvest Moon: Light of Hope doesn't have the Steam Cloud feature.

When you open the game, there will be no "Continue" option to load the progress.

2. Bugs

Here is a question I got from GameFAQs and it has not been solved. The point is he asked like this:

Hi guys, did anyone get the same Bug as me?

When I open the game, it shows "Title_New_Game" and "Title_Continue" in the Title Screen, and after I choose "Continue", I can not find my saved file.

After that, I decided to start a new game, and what I found was, the dialog between my character and Jeanne did not show up.

It just shows random code and numbers on the dialog box, and I've already uninstalled and reinstalled it again, twice, but no it does not fix anything.

Solved: Missing Save Files - Harvest Moon: Light of Hope

This can be done by copying a new save file (eg from the first PC or download) to another PC you want to use. Please follow the steps below:

1. Go to C:\Users\[Your_PC_Name]\AppData\LocalLow\Natsume Inc_\Harvest Moon_ Light of Hope/HMHLSAVEDATA.

Or for the shortcut, press Windows + R key, copy and paste % userprofile%\AppData\LocalLow\Natsume Inc_\Harvest Moon_ Light of Hope and press enter.
How to Transfer Harvest Moon: Light of Hope Save File

2. Then, copy the Save files there and paste them into the laptop or another computer you want to play HM: LoH.

Put the save file as the number 1, place it under the "Unity" folder.

For bug problems, you can send an email to 4service@natsume.com with the title "Save Error" and give your PC specification. Natsume will solve this problem further.

Now you already know the location of Harvest Moon: Light of Hope save file and how to transfer and load it on another computer.

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