Mining Guide - Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland Walkthrough

Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland Cheats, Tips, and Guide for Mining to get lots of Ores!

Mining is one of the great activities to earn money quickly at the beginning of playing Harvest Moon: Save The Homeland, in addition to working part-time at Bob, and it's also very easy to do here.

When you first play this game, maybe you are wondering where is the mine located?

Unlike most Harvest Moon games, in 'Save The Homeland' there is no cave or mine at all.

HM STH Guide - Mining

Instead of going to the mine, you can dig eight empty plots that have not planted crops on your farm to get some minerals.

  1. Press the R2 button, then equip your Hoe by pressing the X button. Use the Left and Right buttons to search for it.
  2. Stand near the plot you want to dig.
  3. Press the Square button to dig.

When you get something, especially ore and metal, there will be a loud "Ting" sound. Then your character will take something from the ground.

You will hear no sound for Pontata Root. So when you get it, your character will take it straight from the ground.

Even if you've got something in a plot, you can continue to mine there. You have the possibility to get another item in the same plot.

It could be that you did not get anything on the first or second try. Keep digging up to get something valuable to sell.

List of Mineable Items

Item Name Sell to... Selling Price
Blue Rock Carpenter's shop 90 G
Copper Ore Louis' Tool Shop, Carpenter's Shop 40 G
Gold coin Automatically give you money 10 G
Iron Ore Louis' Tool Shop, Carpenter's Shop 60 G
Limestone Carpenter's Shop, Lyla's Flower Shop 40 G
Moonlight Stone  Carpenter's Shop, Louis' Tool Shop 100 G
Pontata Root Louis' Tool Shop 80 G
Rare Metal Carpenter's Shop, Louis' Tool Shop 180 G

Keep in mind that mining is an activity that spends a lot of time and stamina. So make sure your character is not tired and eventually get sick the next day. That's my experience when I do it until late at night, hehe.

That's anything you need to know about mining in Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland. Although this article seems short, I'm sure the information is complete. In contrast to the mining guide of HM: HoLV which is long and complicated. Thanks for reading this article.

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