How to Fix Pokemon Go Failed to Detect Location on Android

Here's how to solve Failed to Detect Location fake GPS in Pokemon Go. It only takes a few seconds!

Niantic is aggressively blocking apps and programs that violate the fair play of Pokemon Go. Many spoofer accounts have been banned by Niantic.

When you use apps like Fake GPS, Fly GPS, and other third-party apps to play Pokemon Go, it's likely that a "Failed to Detect Location" message will appear.

How to Fix Pokemon Go Failed to Detect Location

I am sure, when you read this article, you are experiencing this problem caused by the things above.

So in this article, Droid Harvest will explain How to Fix Failed to Detect Location in Pokemon Go. But remember, do not use the applications I mentioned above again because it will be useless.

I'm sure Failed to Detect Location notifications will reappear and you can not play Pokemon Go.

How to Fix Failed to Detect Location in Pokemon Go

  1. Go to your Android Settings.
  2. Scroll down, choose About Phone.
  3. Tap the Kernel Version 7 times.
  4. Back to the settings, there will be Developer Options.
  5. Go to the Developer options and turn off Allow Fake (Mock) Location
  6. Log in to the Pokemon Go app again.

I hope you guys are no longer using apps or programs that violate the Pokemon Go TOS (Terms of Service) because it's useless.

No doubt Niantic would not be silent. Most recently, Niantic implements "ShadowBan". So instead of punishing users with a permanent ban previously implemented by Niantic, the Pokemon Go players hit by ShadowBan can now still play Pokemon Go.

But according to some players who have been hit by Shadowban can only find Pokemon like Pidgey, Rattata, and Zubat, which is usually found everywhere.

So, do not let your account be banned just because you're curious.

That's all and thank you.

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