Fastest Ways to Increase Friendship with Your Dog - Harvest Moon: Hero of leaf Valley

Dog's heart levels won't go up! What's going on? Here are the best ways to raise affection of your dog in Harvest Moon: Hero of Leaf Valley (HoLV).

Dog's heart levels won't go up! What's going on? Have you ever experienced this problem in Harvest Moon: Hero of Leaf Valley? Perhaps you who are reading this article may have experienced it.

In short, although you feed and train your dog every day, his heart is very difficult to raise, even tends to go down like a slide.

Fastest Ways to Raise Dog's Friendship Level - Harvest Moon: Hero of leaf Valley

Though raising the friendship of your dog is actually not so difficult, it just needs patience. That's one of the keys to the success of playing Harvest Moon, right?

Okay, before we jump into the solution, at least you need to know the information below

The Causes of Dog's Heart Levels Won't Go Up in Harvest Moon: Hero of Leaf Valley

It's impossible that the heart levels of your dog suddenly won't increase, so there must be something that causes it to happen. As far as I know, here are some of the causes:

1. You ever made your dog sick

This is one of the root causes of the problem. When this happens, Gwen or Bob will come to your house and one of them will tell you that your dog is sick. They also bring medicine to your dog.

They are disappointed with you because you can not take good care of your animal.

Especially if Gwen the one who comes to your house, then you will be directly punched to the face by her because she really loves animals and she is very disappointed with you.

If this happens, there is a chance your dog's heart level will be reduced. For example, he initially had 1 heart, but because he was sick, your dog would be no heart at all.

Later, your dog will also need time to like you back. So, surely to raise his heart becomes a bit more difficult.

Therefore, make sure that your dog is always healthy and never sick

Common mistakes

Sometimes, many new players bring their dogs into the house during the rainy days without feeding them. This happens when they do not have a dog house yet.

I know it's very important to put your dog home during the rainy days, but at least fill the bowl in front of your house with food and let your dog eat for a moment.

Also, never let your dog in the house for 3 to 5 days because this can make him sick.

2. You never train your dog

Being fed daily is not enough, so you need to train your dog with whist and ocarina every day as well.

The Fastest Ways to Increase Friendship with Dog in Harvest Moon: Hero of Leaf Valley

If your dog is already sick, and it turns out you've been training and picking him up every day, but his heart does not want to increase.

Here are the tips for you::

  1. Train your dog with a whistle (Press the L Button, and then >).
  2. Make sure you pick him up once a day.
  3. Feed your dog with Fish, Egg, or Milk.
  4. Train your dog with the Ocarina, at least 3 movements a day. The movement your dog can do when he still has 1 heart is Sit. Equip the Ocarina, hold the Square button + Up+Left + Down.
  5. Take your dog around the village and introduce it to all the villagers (In addition to increase your Dog's FP, this also can increase the villager's FP).
  6. Put your dog into the dog's house when it rains. Buy the dog house at Woody's  Carpentry.

You should feed him with a little exclusive fish every day to boost the friendship.

Based on the experience of one of the players who discussed with me, some fish that can raise your dog's heart rapidly, i.e Dolphinfish, Swordfish, Porgy, and others.

If his heart still does not want to increase, then you have to repeat from the beginning and make sure that your dog never sick.

That's the cause of dog's heart levels won't go up and the fastest ways to increase it in Harvest Moon: Hero of Leaf Valley. I hope this article can be useful. Thanks for reading it.

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