How to Fix Harvest Moon: Light of Hope Crash Issues on Switch

Many players reported that they're having Harvest Moon: Light of Hope Special Edition crash issues on Switch. This is how to fix it!

As we already know Harvest Moon: Light of Hope Special Edition has been released on PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

But recently there’ve been a lot of Harvest Moon: Light of Hope players reporting that their game frequently crashes or closes on the Nintendo Switch.

Fix Harvest Moon: Light of Hope Crashing Issue

Yes, I saw many people on the Facebook group and some discussion forums asked about this issue. This can be an annoying issue. And these are what they said;


He asked," Has anyone else run into issues with the game crashing?"

He just started playing today and was probably about 30 minutes in, but he'd just spent the day planting a ton of cabbages.

And as soon as he went to save his game, it crashed (and did not save any of his progress). He'd like to keep playing but there doesn't seem to be a point if he can randomly lose the progress.


He played an entire day and the game decided to close because the software had an error. It didn’t do that a couple days ago so how would he fix it to play?


She and her daughter have Harvest Moon: Light of Hope and both of them have experienced it crashing.

She crashed once yesterday and her daughter has crashed twice - once yesterday and once today. It doesn't save any error in the error history on the Switch.

They both had an error at different times, losing a lot of gameplay. They have started making a lot of saving files, but, would be nice to not have the game crash, with no recorded error.

Travis Tailor

So, he gets this game on his Switch and it keeps crashing, and he asks if anyone else having the same issue or not.

I know it is frustrating to see your game crash when you’re in the middle of something exciting and you can possibly lose all your progress. So, it must be fixed soon.

How to Fix Harvest Moon: Light of Hope Special Edition Crashing Issue

This issue probably happens because you download a new game or DLC for your Switch.

So, here are some suggestions from some players and CeeCee, Natsume's Community Manager;

You need to update your Nintendo Switch to the latest version, and then reload the game. John McNew said that you need to hard reset your Switch.

To do that, hold down the power button for 10 seconds till it powers down. Then start it back up again.

You can find info for the latest firmware version for the Nintendo Switch here: https://en-americas-support.nintendo.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/22525/~/nintendo-switch-system-updates-and-change-history.

But if you still have further issues, you can send an email to 4service@natsume.com

At least keep saving every day to prevent the loss of all of your progress. I hope Natsume figures out what's exactly the causes and find the right solution to fix this issue.

Happy playing everyone! :)

Sources: GameFAQs, Nintendo Forums, and some discussion on the Facebook group

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