Villager Birthdays, Likes and Dislikes - Harvest Moon: Save The Homeland Guide

This is the complete list of the villager birthdays, likes and dislikes gifts in Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland for PS2, PS3, and PS4.

One of the most important things you need to do in Harvest Moon: Save The Homeland is increasing your friendship with the villager in the game. If you raising friendships with the villagers, you will trigger random events and eventually open the path to save the village.

Like most Harvest Moon games, greeting and giving a gift every day are the best ways to increase the friendship points (FP) of the villagers.

Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland Gift Guide

You can give the villagers their favorite gift on their birthdays to raise the friendships quickly.

Note: This article may have many similarities with Villager Birthdays, Likes, and Hates - Harvest Moon: Hero of Leaf Valley Guide. This is a natural thing because HM: StH is an older version of HM: HoLV.

Harvest Moon: Save The Homeland Characters: Birthdays, Likes and Dislikes

Spring Birthdays:


Birthday: Spring 11th
Loves: Cake, Dairy, Fish Dishes
Dislikes: Grass, Diets


Birthday: Spring 16th
Loves: Moondrop Herbs, Herb Tea
Dislikes: Bad Cooking, Grass, Winter/Cold


Birthday: Spring 27th
Loves: Blueberries, Pink Cat Flowers, Dogs
Dislikes: Grass, Bad Cooking,

Summer Birthdays:


Birthday: Summer 1st
Loves: Cake, Golden Egg, Gold Milk, Honey, Milk, and other Sweet Items
Dislikes: Grass, Bad Cooking


Birthday: Summer 8th
Loves: Cranberry, Full Moon Berry, Golden Milk, Jam
Dislikes: Fodder, Grass


Birthday: Summer 10th
Loves: Fish dishes
Dislikes: Grass, Yogurt


Birthday: Summer 21th
Loves:  Dairy Products, Vegetables/Egg Cooking, Cooked fish, Walnut
Dislikes: Grass

Fall Birthdays:


Birthday: Fall 2nd
Loves: Egg Cooking, Omelets, Golden Egg, Blue Rock, Rare Metal
Dislikes: Grass, Failed Dishes


Birthday: Fall 12th
Loves: Cake, Cheese, Eggs
Dislikes: Grass, Spicy Food


Birthday: Fall 20th
Loves: Golden Egg, Golden Milk, Fish Dishes, Full Moon Berry, Large Fish
Dislikes: Grass


Birthday: Fall 29th
Loves: Cake, Cheese, Full Moon Berry
Dislikes: Grass

Winter Birthdays:


Birthday: Winter 2nd
Loves: Golden Egg, Rare Metal
Dislikes: Bad Cooking, Grass, Potato


Birthday: Winter 9th
Loves: Blueberries, Full Moon Berry
Dislikes: Grass, Bad Cooking, Thunder


Birthday: Winter 10th
Loves: Tomatoes
Dislikes: Bad Cooking, Grass


Birthday: Winter 25th
Loves: Cheese, Cooked dishes
Dislikes: Grass, Frogs

Special Characters with Unknown Birthdays:

Harvest Goddess

Likes: Vegetables
Hates: When you make a wish on rainy days

Nic (Blue sprite)

Likes: Mushrooms
Dislikes: Dangerous Foods, Failed Dishes

Nak (Red sprite)

Loves: Mushrooms
Dislikes: Animals, When you show him your dog

Flak (Yellow sprite)

Loves: Mushrooms
Dislikes: Being Hungry, Waking Up Early

You can get some villager likes and dislikes above if you finish the event endings related to the villagers. You can see more details of the characters in the "Profile" menu on the Diary.

Unlike Harvest Moon: Hero of Leaf Valley, your birthday has been chosen from the beginning. Spring 1st is your birthday.

That's The Villager Birthdays, Likes and Dislikes Gifts in Harvest Moon: Save The Homeland. I will update this page if there is any wrong information.

If you have anything to discuss, please don't shy to ask me through the comments below. Thanks!

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