Friday, June 1, 2018

How to Train for the Horse Race in Harvest Moon: Hero of Leaf Valley

You can train for the horse race in Harvest Moon: Hero of Leaf Valley. Here, Bob or Gwen will be your enemy during the race.

But the problem is how to approach Bob or Gwen to train you? when can you train for the horse race?
How to Train for the Horse Race Harvest Moon: Hero of Leaf Valley

Ok, before I explain that, you might want to know some information below.

There are many advantages of practicing your horse.

First, you can get the best strategy to win the horse race. This is very useful if you follow The Tale of Horse Champion event path and want to defeat Mecha Horse.

Second, you can increase the friendship points with Bob and Gwen.

Third, you can increase your horse running speed.

Well, for you who have a problem or do not know how to train your horse in HM: HoLV. Please read these tips carefully.

Requirements to be able to Train for the Horse Race in Harvest Moon: Hero of Leaf Valley

1. You have to be friends with Bob or Gwen at least they have 2 hearts
Just talk and give Bob Egg or Milk, and Cranberry or Full Moon Berry to Gwen every day to increase their hearts quickly.

Later they will come to your house to tell you that they are ready to help you to train for the horse race. They also tell you their schedule. This scene occurs after your horse can run. After that, you can start horse racing practice with them.

2. Your horse can run
As I explained above, this also includes the main requirement. Your horse can start running when he/she already has 2 hearts or more.

3. Your horse is not in a bad mood or sick condition
Talk to your horse or check in the balance sheet on the diary to see the condition of your horse.

4. The weather is sunny and cloudy or not rainy
If it rains, you can not train, it's impossible to horse race on rainy days because your horse can get sick. In addition, Bob or Gwen will not be in the starling ranch (Bob's farm), they will rest in their respective homes.

How to Train Your Horse with Bob or Gwen for the Horse Race in HM: HoLV

The first option
Go to the starlight ranch on Tuesday or Thursday at 9 AM to 1 PM. You do not have to take your horse with you to Bob's farm for training.

But, remember, do not come outside of these hours. There, you'll find Bob or Gwen standing around the animals barn.

If you come here on Tuesday, then you will meet Gwen and if you come on Thursday, then you will meet Bob.

Talk to Bob or Gwen, later will appear an option to Talk or Train. You are given a freedom to choose the type of race, you can choose short, long, and steeplechase.

Before the race started, you will also be given an opportunity to select items to support your race.
Even though I've spoken to Bob on Thursday or Gwen on Tuesday, why is there no option to train?
Most likely you have not met the requirements I have explained above. So again, check the requirements. But for Gwen, I think you can only train with her in Fall.

The second option
This second way happens randomly (before the horse race in the village) when you leave your house. So, there will be a scene where Gwen or Bob coming to your house to invite you to train for the horse race. Here, you can refuse or accept it.

If you accept, you are suddenly told to select the supporting items for the race, then teleport to the racetrack and immediately get ready for a horse race with Bob or Gwen.

That's How to Approach Bob or Gwen to Train you for the Horse Race in Harvest Moon: Hero of Leaf Valley. Do you have any question? Do not be shy to ask me.

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