How to Always Win the Horse Race in Harvest Moon: Hero of Leaf Valley

Tips, tricks, and strategies to Always Win the Horse Race in Harvest Moon: Hero of Leaf Valley (HoLV).

For players who have just played Harvest Moon: Hero of Leaf Valley, might think that to win the horse race is difficult. But it's not like that, I think we are just not used to it and have less experience in it.

Actually not only that, the lack of preparation before the race can also be one of the factors. But don't worry, here I will explain what you should do and don't do when horse race in order to win even though you are a new player.

Tips to Always Win the Horse Race in Harvest Moon: Hero of Leaf Valley

Follow the tips below to win the horse race:

How to Always Win the Horse Race HM: HoLV
Illustration about horse race (It's actually Innocent Life)

1. Raise your horse's heart

If your horse has more hearts, the running speed of your horse will also be faster. This will greatly facilitate you when following the horse race.

To raise your horse's heart is easy enough, you just need to feed, brush, talk, and take it to walk every day. In addition, you can also train for the horse race with Bob or Gwen.

2. Carry the support items for the race

Here are the power-up items and their effects that you can carry for the horse race:

  • Carrot: increase speed by 1.1x for 4 seconds.
  • Mineral Carrot: increase speed by 1.2 x for 5 seconds.
  • Pontata Root: increase stamina by 30% of the maximum amount.
  • Alfalfa Sprout: increase stamina by 10% of the maximum amount.
  • Mineral Alfalfa Sprout: increase stamina by 15% of the maximum amount.
  • Herb: increase stamina by 20% of the maximum amount.
  • Fodder: increase stamina by 5% of the maximum amount.

The selection of the above items actually depends on the type of race you follow.

Short type

Because the distance is short, it depends on the speed, so you should carry some mineral carrots. If you don't have one, just take some carrots.

Long type

Because the distance is quite long, it depends on the horse's stamina, so you should carry potato roots. If you don't have one, just take some herbs.


In horse racing Steeplechase type, you can carry items that add stamina. Speed is actually important, but more important is the timing to pass through the obstacles.

From all the recommended items, which ones do you usually choose?

I usually just use some Herbs.

Note: Press the Triangle button to use all the support items above during the race

3. Do not spend your stamina too quickly

Even if you carry supporting items, but if you waste your stamina, mostly you will lose. Remember, your horse also has stamina that continues to decrease all the time. If it runs out, your horse will run very slowly.

So, do not too often press the Circle (O) button to speed up the pace of your horse. Use it wisely. For example, when you will be overtaken by another rider.

4. Slow down when entering the turn of the track

Well, this is usually violated. If your horse pace is high at the turn, you will most likely have trouble turning left, and eventually crashing into the right-side fences of the track.

Under these high-speed conditions, you can hit the Square button to slow down your horse.

5. Take the left line of the track

If you see Gwen or Bob during the race, they often take the left lane of the track. Why? Because the side has the shortest distance from the track.

6. Never hit another Rider

It will only slow down the pace of your horse.

7. Keep practice

The theory alone is not enough, so you have to practice and practice directly to get used to the race track. So you can have some strategies to win the race.

That's the Tips to always win the Horse Race in Harvest Moon: Hero of Leaf Valley. For those of you who have other tips, share them here if you wish. Thank you very much

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