The Rumor of the Golden Lumber and Blessed Tools - Harvest Moon: Hero of Leaf Valley

Harvest Moon: Hero of Leaf Valley Secrets: Golden Lumber and Divine Tools. It's actually true or not?

Lumber is one of the important materials needed if you want to upgrade buildings in Harvest Moon: Hero of Leaf Valley. Lumber can be obtained through two ways; part-time job to Woody and horse race betting.

The first time you work to cut down the trees for Woody, you will not immediately get lumber, but only money as a wage. However, after working more than 5 times, he will ask you to keep the lumber you get from work.

Where Can I Find Golden Lumber in Harvest Moon: Hero of Leaf Valley

When you're rich, you can also give Woody a Golden Egg to make him take you to his secret logging area. To get regular lumber is fairly easy, but what if it's gold lumber?

How to Find the Golden Lumber in Harvest Moon: Hero of Leaf Valley

HM: HoLV Gold lumber rumor

There is a rumor that we can get gold lumber in the game. This rumor used to be often discussed in a forum like GameFAQs.

Some members of the website said that this rumor was true. One of them was Clara_lin who was an expert in the game.

However, many people still didn't believe in the existence of this gold lumber because there was no solid proof (no SS or anything on the internet).

So it's up to you to believe this article or not. We only provide the information because of the request of some players and of course, this is based on what we have read from GameFAQs.

Golden lumber is very difficult to find, but still believable and takes a long time to get because you are required to meet the following requirements:

So after successfully saving the village and past the 4th year, never cut down the trees in Woody's logging area.

On Winter 25th-30th, Year 15, when you visit Woody's Timber area, there will be a scene about the strange and enormous tree that grows in the area.

The tree is very big and made of Gold, very different from the usual tree you cut to get the lumber.

The regular Axe will not be able to cut down the tree, because your stamina will run out before the tree falls.

Therefore, you need to upgrade your tools, especially Axe, into Divine/Blessed Tool first. To upgrade, you need the help of Harvest Goddess and prepare it from the previous years.

How to Get Divine Tools in Harvest Moon: Hero of Leaf Valley

In Year 12, on any day, go to the mine, there will be a scene where Rudolf sees a treasure chest (the Sunken Treasure) that can not be opened.

He recalled that the hammer you used to defeat Mecha Mole could be the key to unlocking the treasure chest. From it, you will get Lunar Stone.

Now you can also open the treasure chest you got from fishing. When you get the chest, there will be the words "open the treasure," and there is a "yes" option if you want to open it.

In Year 15, bring the Lunar Stone and Moonlight Stone to the Harvest Goddess and she will make you Blessed/Divine Tools.

Of course, you've seen the Golden Tree event before. After that, you can cut down the golden tree in Woody's logging area to get the Golden Lumber.

This Golden Lumber can later be used as a material to upgrade your house for the last time. To make your house storied and bigger. However, some furniture will be moved from its original position.

That's the Rumor of the Golden Lumber and Blessed Tools in Harvest Moon: Hero of Leaf Valley, apart from whether it's actually true or not, would you want to play the game for 15 years just to find the Golden Lumber?

Reference: GameFAQs

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  1. Golden Lumber Hunter (HOLV)
    Glad its 2021 and somebody still cares about the rumour of Golden Lumber and Divine Tools in HOLV. You summarized all the info so well as all the info was scattered in other platforms. I'm currently at year 11, and will let everyone knows if this rumour is true (i wish it is! it has been years to solve this mystery)
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