House Upgrades - Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland Guide and Walkthrough

Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland PS4 Cheats, Tips, and Guide for house upgrades!

Upgrade buildings in Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland doesn't require complicated terms, if you already have the money, then you will be able to upgrade your house immediately. However, you don't have many building upgrades options.

So, how do you upgrade the house?

To do that, you need to go to Woody's house and press the X button to interact with a note on the table to buy house upgrades in this game.

You will be assisted by the Carpenters (Kurt and Joe) to upgrade your house and dog house. 

These upgrades only take a day to build. After you buy an upgrade, it will finish the next day when you wake up.

Here are the details of the two upgrades available in this game.

1. Dog House

Cost: 5000 G

Dog House is a simple house for your dog located next to your house. You can buy it after having a dog that you can get by filling the bowl in front of your house.

If you already have enough friendships with them, you can catch 1 of 2 dogs in the wild. After that, you will be able to buy a Dog House if you have enough money.

It is used to keep your dog from getting sick on rainy days without having to take him into your house. You just let him outside and he will sleep in his house by himself.

How do I feed my dog inside the house when raining?

It's really simple, you just need to feed him as usual, he will out from his house and eat by himself.

2. Kitchen

House Upgrades - Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland Walkthrough

Cost: 10,000 G

Cooking is a great and very interesting feature in this game. If you want to cook, then you have to upgrade your house to have a Kitchen.

You can use up to 3 ingredients per recipe for cooking in the kitchen. However, you don't know what recipes are, so you have to experiment to make the right dishes. If it fails, you will get failed dishes.

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After the upgrade, there will be a new room to the Kitchen. There are new goods, like a refrigerator to store fresh ingredients and some cooking utensils like Frying Pan, Pot, and Oven.

There are also two other doors in the Kitchen. The right door is a Toilet, while the left one is a Bathroom. 

You can use it to help restore some of your stamina that may be lost during your routine as a farmer.

That's all you need to know about how to house upgrades in Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland. I hope this article can help you~

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  1. Kathy
    House upgrades are well worth the investment.how to sell house
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