How to Increase Animal Affection Levels into Max in A Few Minutes - HM: SoM

Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories cheats, guide, and tricks to increase animal affection levels fast.

Raising animal friendship levels with a manual way is a little bit hard and takes time. But we found a very interesting trick to make it easier and faster. This trick exploits one of the features in Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories, i.e. Save and Load.

So basically, your animals will be hungry continuously and you will feed them, but you didn't actually feed them continuously.

As a result, your animal friendship points will increase drastically. This also applies to Dog and Bobcat.

However, this trick can't be used if your animal's musical notes are already maximum.

What are the advantages of using this trick?

  1. You don't have to wait long to make your animal's musical notes max.
  2. You can get better quality animal products, like Ultimate, Supreme, or even Miracle.

Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories: How to Increase Animal Affection Levels into Max in A Few Minutes

Keep in mind that this trick will increase their affection faster if you have a Big Animal Barn and more your animals.

Follow these steps to raise your animal affection to a maximum in a few minutes:

  1. New Game and create a new character. If you already use a Boy, then create a Girl and vice versa.
  2. Save the game after the tutorial.
  3. Load your main character, and come to your animal barn.
  4. See and remember how many musical notes of your animals.
  5. Feed them with great or delicious animal feed.
  6. Wait till they all finish eating (until the food runs out).
  7. Save after all your animals have finished eating.
  8. Load the second character you just created.
  9. After entering the game, Load your main save data.
  10. See information about your animals, check whether the friendships are increase or not.

Increase Animal Affection Levels into Max in A Few Minutes - HM: SoM

If it only increases a little, then do the steps above again. Remember the increase of friendship is not always significant, sometimes many, but sometimes a little as well.

But when I try to use the main character that has a lot of animals, including a Dog, Bobcat, 5 Chicken, 7 Cow, 7 Sheep, and a Horse, the rise of friendships are very significant, it only takes one try into maximum.

If you have any questions related to this article, you can ask me via comments below. Thanks.

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