How to Save and Exit Game - Doraemon Story of Seasons

Here's how to save and exit from the Doraemon Story of Seasons which has been released for PC Switch!

This is actually very easy. You just need patience.

When I first tried to play the Doraemon Story of Seasons game, this was the first question that crossed my mind.

Not without a reason...

I found that this game has lots of conversations and tutorials at the beginning. The controls for the PC are also not friendly for players who don't use a "gamepad".

It makes me not surprised if other players are wondering "how to save and exit the game in Doraemon Story of Seasons". I will help answer for the PC version, not the Switch, but I'm quite sure the menu is the same, just different buttons.

I know, it looks so simple and trivial, but this is an important thing to know. Imagine if you've been playing for a long day, but haven't saved your game progress. There must be a feeling of anxiety if something unexpected happens.

What you need to know first, this game has an "Auto Save" feature, but I'm not quite sure how often. At what time and when?

So it's also a good idea to save manually after completing the introduction guided by Harmon and Doraemon.

How to Save and Exit the Game in Doraemon Story of Seasons for PC

1. Press the "M" button to open the menu. A display will appear as shown below:

How to Save and Exit from the Doraemon Story of Seasons game

2. Press "Q" or "E" to move the menu to "System" located at the far right. Just press "Q" to shorten the time.

How to save game Doraemon Harvest Moon

3. Select "Write Diary Entry" to open the "Save" or "Read Diary" tab to "Load" game progress. Note: If you don't find this, it's a sign that you are playing the demo version. The demo version does not have a save feature.

4. Please select the save slot you want, then press/click "Space or Left mouse" and finish. Congrats, your game progress has been saved!

How to Exit game Doraemon Story of Seasons

5. Select "Return to Title Screen", then "The End" to exit the Doraemon Story of Seasons game!

That's it, hope it helps! :)

-Best regards, a fictional Farmer

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