Sunday, February 23, 2020

How to Get Married in Harvest Moon: Save The Homeland

This is one of the tutorials or questions that are searched after by Harvest Moon fans who are still new to this game series.

I have often answered questions related to marriage in Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland (STH) in my blog, but there are plenty of people who ask about this again and again. So, I decided to make the article itself.

How Do You Get Married in Harvest Moon 3: Save The Homeland?

That's exactly the question I often receive. Actually, the right question that should be asked is "Can You Get Married in Harvest Moon 3: Save The Homeland?"

I used to be a big fan of Harvest Moon: Save The Homeland on PlayStation (PS) 2 when I was a kid. What made me fall in love the first time was the graphics that were on a different level from the other Harvest Moon series at that time.

In terms of "gameplay", it is also simple and doesn't make the head of the player dizzy. It's just unfortunate that this game is missing some key features which if added should make it more interesting.

Even so, I used to come to the PS rental every day just to finish all the ending of every event in this game.

With the hope that one day, I can marry Lyla the florist shop keeper. Because she is one of the most beautiful Harvest Moon characters at that time.

After playing for a long time, I didn't get the results I wanted. Understandably yes, at that time I was an innocent child who didn't know anything. Now with Google Search, you can get answers to questions you ask.

I only got information that we cannot get married in Harvest Moon 3: Save The Homeland. The concept of this game only focuses on saving the village, no romance and special relationship with women.

So you are required to complete 1 ending story in 1 year. If you succeed, then you will get 1 emblem in the Diary and can continue playing from the start (new game+) with the wealth you already have. But if it fails, then the game will end (game over).

Wait, but don't worry...
How to Get Married in Harvest Moon 3: Save The Homeland

If you want to be able to marry the female character in Save The Homeland, you can play the remake version, which is Harvest Moon: Hero of Leaf Valley where there are so many additional features and events that you can complete.

TL; DR: How to get married in HM 3: STH? There's no way because you can't do it unless you MOD the original game. You're alone and can't have family in Harvest Moon: Save The Homeland. *SAD 😭