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This guide is for you who want to know the villagers' birthdays and weather from Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland calendar.

This page contains information about all things related to the calendar in Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland (STH).

The calendar is one of the important features in farming sim games such as Harvest Moon, Story of Seasons, and Rune Factory. So I want to talk about it more, but this time, for Save The Homeland.

Calendar of Event - Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland

In Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland, the calendar is available from the beginning of the game. You can see and interact with it on the wall inside your house.

This calendar generally serves as a reminder and to find out all events such as festivals, contests, and also villagers' upcoming birthdays. In essence, it'll make it easy for us to manage the playtime of the game.

But it's a little different here, you won't see the birthdays, festivals, contests on Harvest Moon: Save The Homeland calender. Because there are no festivals or contests in this game. It's quite sad and unfortunate indeed.

So, what is the function of the calendar in HM: STH?

There are 4 seasons; Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. In one season there are 30 days, if you look closely, there are differences in color in the calendar. Now, that shows the different weather that will occur on those dates.

  • Yellow = Mild season: the weather tends to be cloudy
  • Blue = Wet season: the weather tends to be rainy
  • Red = Dry season: the weather tends to be sunny

Because there is no specific information on the calendar, then I complete this article with the birthday of the character, which I have arranged chronologically to make your walkthrough easier.

Spring Calendar

Date Event
1 Your Birthday
11 Ronald's Birthday
16 Parsley's Birthday
27 Lyla's Birthday

Summer Calendar

Date Event
1 Wallace's Birthday
1 Bob's Birthday
8 Gween's Birthday
10 Joe's Birthday

Fall Calendar

Date Event
2 Louis's Birthday
12 Tim's Birthday
20 Gina's Birthday
29 Katie's Birthday

Winter Calendar

Date Event
2 Woody's Birthday
9 Dia's Birthday
10 Kurt's Birthday
25 Martha's Birthday

As a note, you really cannot choose your own birthday because it has been determined by the system automatically, which is the 1st of Spring.

I deliberately did not make this guide more detailed because I want to make the other articles about the villager's favorite gifts, and main events separately.

That's the explanation about the Calendar in Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland. I hope, this short guide could be useful for you.

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