This is How Google Translate Makes Money for Google

How does Google Translate earn money? What is the contribution of Google Translate to the total revenue of Google? Here's the explanation!

Everyone is familiar with Google Translate, one of Google's online tools that can help you translate words, sentences, or paragraphs from one language to another.

Although the translation is sometimes inaccurate, Google Translate can at least help us understand the meaning of the words for which we want to know the translations.

How Google Translate Makes Money

So far, we can use it for free. But have you ever thought "What is the contribution of Google Translate to the total revenue of Google?" if it did the business model that way. So, this time we will explain it to you.

Why is Google Translate Free not Paid?

If you look at it, Google Translate does not appear to be making Google any cash profits.

It looks doesn't give any significant contribution to the total revenue of Google. Given that, no advertisement and services are free for individual use.

To be more precise, Google Translate is a great example of a machine learning (AI) product that can get better and better in the future. Assisted by feedback from its users to correct translation errors.

From that activity, Google actually has benefited from the symbiosis of mutualism even though it provides its services for free to its users. Remember, if you're not paying, you're the product here.

How is Google Translate Monetized?

The rest of the Google service's overall features can enhance by the improvement in translation. For example, such as translating more accurate reviews on Google My Business, Google Maps, Google Workspace, and Play Store into other languages or vice versa.

The cash profits will eventually come from the other Google services and products. You may not directly see the monetization method, but it's right there!

Yes, the fact is, not everything Google does will make money right away. Actually, what is their purpose in doing that?

Of course, to gather as many users of its services as possible to become "die-hard fans" first and not move stalls to other tech brands. This will be a source of money for them in the future.

How Does Google Translate Make Money?

They can also sell Google Translate's API (Application Programming Interface) to companies, websites, software or app developers who need their translation services.

Like selling the service to video game developers who need the translation to release their games in a variety of different languages.

Who knows, in the future, they can create a smart device where language differences are no longer a barrier for humans to communicate directly with each other. From all that, Google Translate will bring more profit to Google.

That's how Google Translate makes money for Google. Hopefully, this brief article gives you some insight. Thank you for reading!

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