TikTok: What is the Meaning of 'Stardenburdenhardenbart' in English?

Stardenburdenhardenbart in English. Stardenburdenhardenbart translate. Stardenburdenhardenbart meaning.

When I first found out about the phrase "stardenburdenhardenbart" from the start before it went viral, I wasn't entirely sure whether this long word was really German or just a made-up word to sound like German by someone on social media.

Even people who can speak German like native speakers may be confused by its meaning, frown and laugh when they hear this word being said by someone.

Stardenburdenhardenbart in German to English Translation

To make sure my guess was correct, I asked a question on Quora; it's a Q & A website, and sure enough, I only got "it means nothing" answers from a few Germans.

According to GΓΌnter Neessen's answer, the only part that may be German is “Bart,” which means beard. The rests aren’t German words.

Oh, FYI, I was the only person asking that question on Quora. You can thoroughly look it there by typing the keyword "what does 'stardenburdenhardenbart' meanon Google.

So, the phrase "stardenburdenhardenbart" doesn't actually mean anything in English. Though Urban Dictionary gives its meaning such as "I love you," "look at me," or "come here."

Yeah, you can say it's just a joke, gibberish, or whatever. It's totally a made-up word like slang, but meaning nothing to Germans.

"Where did the term "stardenburdenhardenbart" come from?"

Origin: Calling Cats in Different Languages on TikTok

The term became widely popular because a TikTok user @g.catt.eng, also known as Dennis loves cats. In July 2020, he regularly posted content calling cats in different languages that were eventually becoming memes.

Each time he was calling a cat in different languages, the cat didn't react at all or turn around. But when he said, "stardenburdenhardenbart!" the cat responded and looked toward him.

The video on day 3 sounds like this:
In American: Kitty-kitty-kitty

Not working πŸ˜•

In Czech: Chi-chi-chi

No. πŸ˜•

In Mexican: Gatito-gatito

No. πŸ˜•

In German: Stardenburdenhardenbart!

*The cat looks toward him.

Yeah, German ALWAYS works πŸ˜‚

Stardenburdenhardenbart meaning in English

It doesn't mean that the cat was a German cat. The reason the cat reacted and looked toward him was probably because of his voice, which sounded like a shocking command. Arguably a perfect term if someone didn't want to say "si*g h*il!" in public.

Cat in German

Cat in German is literally "Katze" or "Miezekatze" for a kitty cat. If you want to call a cat that doesn't know its name, it should be "miez, miez, miez" instead of "stardenburdenhardenbart!"

Well, whatever the phrase actually means for the speaker, but the videos are pretty entertaining and have been watched by millions of people on the internet. You can try it on your cat too, perhaps it works! I tried it on my cat, but it just ran away, lol πŸ˜‚.

That's the explanation of what is the meaning of "stardenburdenhardenbart" in English. I hope this gives you some insight. Thanks for reading!

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