The Saddest Harvest Moon Ending If You Fail to Save the Town

Here's the saddest Harvest Moon ending If you fail to save the Town. This ending will make you cry!

There are many Harvest Moon series that have been released so far, but I have to give credit to Innocent Life: A Futuristic Harvest Moon for the saddest bad ending category.

Not many people know and play this game compared to other Harvest Moon franchise. It's also quite sad that it didn't get such good reviews for not being able to give gifts to villagers, get married, and have children.

However, life is not just about getting married and making children, right? So, why do I choose the sad ending of Harvest Moon: Innocent Life?

What happens if you have a bad ending in Harvest Moon: Innocent Life?

Instead of expelling the townfolks from the town, the developer chooses to destroy the island and kill all of them, except the main character who is an Android robot to create an emotional connection to the player.

STOP reading here if you don't want to get spoilers!

One of the main reasons for this bad ending to happen is because you failed to find the third sprite (yellow dwarf) and recovered Nature Sprites' memories about Giant Forest during Winter.

Many players who have just played this Harvest Moon must be confused about what to do next after meeting the Nature Sprites in the Mist Forest. Therefore, they also failed to complete the storyline and calmed the Fire Spirit's anger.

The day finally came. After Winter 35, Year 2, you woke up from your sleep in the morning. The screen suddenly shook violently and the display gradually darkened.

You begin to be shown a scene of an erupting mountain that destroys the Heartflame island.

You will see Life (main character's name) standing confused on an unknown land. You can't move him. There is nothing you can do about it now.

Harvest Moon: Innocent Life Sad Ending

Then comes the monologue text from the creator (Dr. Hope), he says...

Life...If you're seeing this, then you must have gotten yourself into some trouble that you can't get out of. I placed something special inside you so that you could have one more chance. Consider it a gift. Life...Go back to that day...

The day when you were awoken from your sleep by Franco on the first day (Spring 1) at the Ruins. Though you have to repeat the storyline from the beginning of the game, at least you are still given one more chance to correct your mistakes.

That's The Saddest Harvest Moon Ending If You Fail to Save the Town, at least for me. Let me know if you have your own preference in the comment below.

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