What is InMail on LinkedIn, and How Does Recruiter InMail Work?

Everything you need to know about InMail on LinkedIn, from what LinkedIn InMail means, how it works, how many InMails can you send, and is it legit?

Through its various good features, such as Showcase Page and Recruiter InMail, LinkedIn has a high engagement for high marketing costs and sales in the professional field.

Still, LinkedIn InMail does its functions a lot better in hiring. According to LinkedIn states, InMail is 30% more effective compared to regular email.

What Does InMail Mean on LinkedIn?

If you only use LinkedIn to search for a job or gain small-scoop connections, a basic free LinkedIn account is enough to put you onward in the hiring game. But, if you'd like to close the job deal, better reach out for a LinkedIn premium career.

LinkedIn provides four premium accounts, and one of them is the premium career account. This type of account offers a few extra features, such as InMail.

What Does 'InMail' Mean on LinkedIn?

InMail is a reliable, private, and customizable messaging tool offered by LinkedIn to help you reach out to any user within the platform, including level 2 and level 3 connections.

As a job seeker, insight into who viewed your profile will be invaluable. InMails allow headhunters, hiring managers, and recruiters to contact you without contact information or an introduction.

Not only that but by having InMail credits, you can offer support or assistance to people who seem like valuable connections.

You'll see a padlock close to the message button in someone's profile that does not use LinkedIn Premium if they haven't become your connections.

You won't view that icon with InMail, meaning that there is no need for any connection to send them a message. Can reach anyone on LinkedIn with InMail, from the recruiter to the hiring manager.

How Does LinkedIn Recruiter InMail Work?

It would directly send inMails from search results or a member’s profile page in a LinkedIn Recruiter. Similar to job slots, we control InMail credits under contract and are accessible by all contract seat holders.

LinkedIn sends InMail messages to the user profile chosen by a recruiter, and it stays in their inbox till they get back to check their account. They will also get a notification in their active email account (contained in spam if not appear) from LinkedIn.

Afterward, the message from the recruiter would be seen by the relevant candidates. If the recruiters have not translated the message, it displays the English version instead to the receiver.

LinkedIn claims that InMail has guaranteed responses, and can be used as a credible and effective way to contact anyone on LinkedIn.

That means your InMail credits will be returned if your message doesn't receive any reply from the person you message within seven days.

With available credit on the account, you can send messages to any individual. But keep in note that your entire team member is entitled to use this credit.

You will view the available InMail credit in the top right corner of the message when you compose a new message to a candidate using InMail. The good news is that you can use customized templates, too.

How Many InMails Can You Send on LinkedIn?

As a recruiter, your LinkedIn account type determines how many InMails you can send. A free LinkedIn account has absolutely no InMail credit at all.

With the premium account, you can have 5 InMails per month. You can get 20 InMails every month from a LinkedIn Sales Navigator, and its team version provides 30 for you.

These InMail credits can extend for up to 3 months. That means, for a premium account, you can earn up to 15 InMails and 60 credits for the Sales Navigator account.

InMail credit data are viewable in the analytics InMail report. Go to Recruiter, hover over Reports to your Recruiter homepage, and choose InMail Analytics from the dropdown menu. Click the Credit.

Under the new LinkedIn policy, recruiters have to maintain their InMail response rate at or above 13% on sending 100 or more InMail messages for two weeks.

To ensure recruiters reach the goal number of candidates but still maintain a better user experience, LinkedIn sets a limit of 1,000 InMail per day, per seat. Also, they put a limit of 200 InMail per first calendar week for a newly created seat.

Is LinkedIn InMails from the Recruiters Legit?

Yes, they are primarily legit, and sometimes the recruiters want to add you as a connection even if you haven't communicated over the phone yet. But, there are some scam recruiters on LinkedIn, too!

So it's a good idea to be skeptical and be more careful. Generally, you will know whether it's legit or not by seeing how the senders are conversing, conveying, or offering job opportunities to you.

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