What Does 'Swag' Mean on TikTok? Swag Face Syndrome Explained

Swag face Jutsu is currently taking over the TikTok app. Here's the meaning of swag in a text on social media such as TikTok and Twitter.

In this article, we're going to talk and learn a bit about swag which is one word that you probably get to hear the most these days. I'm pretty sure you've heard this word in a lot of hip-hop songs before, but I also understand you're here for another reason.

There is a swag face syndrome that currently taking over the TikTok app. So I know that Itachi Swaguyomi indirectly brought many of you here for a reason.

Here, I'd like to share what I know with those of you who are curious about the meaning of swag, too. Alright, without further ado, let's dive into it.

Swag Face TikTok Meme Mean

Slang: What Does Swag Mean?

It has many meanings, but I'm gonna pick only some of them. A good thing to know is swag is just short for swagger. It's the same thing. In the same context, drip is probably the closest acronym to the word. But now, let's first get to the history of the word swag.

Some first people to use the word swag weren't rappers at all, and hip-hop hadn't even been invented yet. But some pirates a long time ago used the word swag, and they used it to refer to stolen goods.

For example,

Argh, I stole some good swag here from other pirates from another ship.
No one on the high seas has swagger like us

Another way the word swag or swagger was used back in the day was used in the 1900s by Australian migrant workers, and these were impoverished people who had to travel from jobs on foot with their swag.

Their goods were called swag because it was heavy and caused their body to sway back and forth as they walk it caused them to swag. The more goods they had in their bag, the heavier it was, and the more it caused them to swag, so the more stuff you had, the more you swag.

These were Australians a long time ago, in the early 1900s. They had no idea who Lil Wayne was, but they were still swaggin, and in their time, they had swagger.

Now let's get to what swagger means today. The verb swagger means to walk or behave in a very aggressive or arrogant way. To be too confident. To be cocky. That's what happens swag is now.

Today, many pop-culture people say they have swag; what they're saying is that they have a lot of money, dress well, and be very confident. Another way to use the word swag to not be confused is to remember the word style.

For example, you can replace the word style with swag in sentences such as, you know, “I have a unique style. “ You don't have to say it unique style, especially if your clothing is worth a lot of money. You can say I have a unique swag because that's how you use it.

And if you want to have real good swag here in America, the first thing you have to have is a good pair of shoes, a good pair of sneakers, and an expensive pair of sneakers out here costs maybe $300. Jordans are real swaggy and one of the top brands out there.

Wearing jewelry is another way to show your swag so you spend a lot of money making yourself look good.

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What is the Meaning of Swag on TikTok?

There you have it, swag is basically style or stands for “style with a little bit gangsta. “ The style that's expensive, swaggy, and cocky. You need to have the mentality that you're cool, and you're better than most people around you, and that's how you develop swag.

Swag is now a popular slang word used as a hashtag in a new TikTok trend initiated by @KingChristian. He regularly makes a parody video of an anime scene and one of the strongest Jutsu in the Naruto universe, Mugen Tsukuyomi.

In his original parody video with the song “Dead Walking Man“ by Brent Faiyaz, he basically cosplayed as Itachi and released a made-up Jutsu called “The Infinite Swaguyomi, “ or simply “Swag Jutsu“ to influence everyone on the internet world to do a “swag face. “

What Does 'Swag Face' Meaning on TikTok

The swag face on TikTok is depicted as an expression of the eyebrows lifting up, eyes closed a bit looking up, and the teeth biting the lower lip. As shown in the above image.

The funny thing is that his facial expression seems to be on point, despite the annoying look. I'm wondering how come he can do it perfectly, though? Maybe it looks really weird to some, but lots of people find it entertaining, cool, and funny.

The original video has gained millions of views and likes from all over TikTok users around the world. People have started following it and even made really cool swag face emojis on social media.

It's spread so fast, like the effect of the Coronavirus pandemic or Mugen Tsukuyomi Jutsu itself. If you have seen the above facial pose, meaning you've already been affected by the swag no Jutsu. Save yourself now!

That's the end of the explanation of what does swag means on TikTok. I hope it answers the question you have, and you learn new stuff from here.

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