What Does Pending Mean on Snapchat? Everything You Need to Know

The pending snap on Snapchat can definitely be an extremely frustrating issue for users. What does it even mean, and what are the causes?

Do you want to know what 'pending' means on Snapchat? Then you come to the right place. Snapchat has become a necessary part of American teenagers' lifestyle that they cannot separate from their daily online activities.

Snapchat does not differ from any other social media you are already familiar with on the Internet. It will take time for you to understand all the features available and how they work.

Most teenagers like this social app because it allows them to communicate with their online friends, either through chat, photos, or videos, which is called a snap. But have you ever experienced a snap that you sent to get a pending status?

What are the things that could cause your message to be pending? You can read the explanation below to understand more about the pending on Snapchat.

Snapchat Pending Meaning

What Does Pending Mean in the Snapchat App?

The pending status means Snapchat does not deliver smoothly the snap you send to your friend. That way, this message is still "stuck," and your friends cannot read or see the contents of the message.

Sending snaps to friends is indeed a fun activity. You can update each other on your daily activities and share experiences with your friends, but having a pending issue is definitely super frustrating.

Snapchat is a social app that will tell you about what activities your friends are doing. Even when your friend replays the snap you send them, you'll know about it.

Not only that, but this app will also notify you if your friends screenshot your conversation with them. However, this app does not inform you if your friend blocks or removes you from the friendship list.

This one is the thing that can cause a pending snap to occur. Pending snap is a condition when the message or snap that you convey is still "related" and your friends haven't received it.

A gray arrow is specifically a mark of this pending message. Nothing much you can't do, and your friends can't see the contents of the messages you send them.

What Does the Gray Arrow Pending Mean on Snapchat?

Most likely, your snap is pending because you and the potential recipient are not friends. If you are not friends with the potential recipient, then you cannot send a snap at each other.

If you send a message on Snapchat and then get a gray arrow icon, it could also be because of the following problems:

  1. You were friends before, but now you are unfriended by that friend.
  2. The user blocks you, so you cannot send a snap.
  3. You have never been friends with that person, so you need to wait for them to approve your friend's request.

What Does Pending Mean on Snapchat but Still Friends?

The primary factor that causes your snap to become pending is that you and the potential recipient of the snap are not friends. However, if you and your friends feel you are still friends but Snap still has the pending status, there are other reasons.

Poor connectivity can cause this. It could be because the internet network you are using is unstable to send the snap.

You need to check your connectivity and make sure you have a stable internet network. If you feel your connection is strong, you can check if you have sent the message perfectly.

If the conditions are still the same, which is still stuck or pending, you can try restarting your Snapchat. Check if Snapchat may not allow the existing internet network.

However, if you have done everything and it still does not work, it could be an unstable recipient connection. Unfortunately, you cannot solve this problem yourself.

Please wait for your friend to fix the connectivity problem so that you can deliver the snap smoothly to them. For that, you need to wait for your friends to solve this issue.

What Does Blue Box/Square Pending Mean on Snapchat?

Have you ever sent a snap but got a blue square sign, and it still said "pending"? It can mean your friend deleted your snap before he/she opens it.

On Snapchat, usually, a blue square means your friend sends you a snap. If the mark changes to an unfilled blue square, then you have opened the snap.

If you find signs of pending, don't worry. Try to check some things below that might cause the pending:

1. Connection problems. Try to check if your connection is fast and if you can access Snapchat.

2. Glitch or error. For that, you can reopen or restart your app.

3. The server is down. For this last problem, you can't do anything except wait for the server to recover.

There are other alternatives to deal with a pending snap if your app experiences a glitch or error. Apart from checking your connectivity, you can also try to turn on and off flight mode so that the connection returns to normal.

Indeed, there are many reasons the message you send is pending, so you don't need to panic and try to analyze the situation first. Get to know the meaning of pending on Snapchat, so you can understand how to solve the problem.

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