How to Send Same Email to Multiple Recipients Separately in Gmail and Outlook

Here's how you can send the same email to multiple recipients individually on Gmail and Microsoft Outlook

Have you ever been curious about how to send the same email to multiple recipients separately on Gmail or Microsoft Outlook? Especially if you're a worker or student that have a job to send email messages to many recipients at once.

It requires you to spend more time ensuring that email reaches all destination email addresses one by one. To save you a lot of time, you better use the methods described here.

There are many ways you can do to send this mass email message. You can use the manual method and also use Google Contacts.

When sending emails to multiple recipients, you may also not want to expose other people's email addresses to other recipients. If they don't know each other, avoid this so that unwanted things won't happen.

Send the Same Email to Multiple Recipients individually in Gmail and Outlook

The question now is, is it possible to send an email to many people without them knowing each other? Yes, of course. That turned out to be done relatively simply.

Before getting to the primary discussion, you need to understand how to send an email to many recipients at once. Check out the following explanation so that you have no more difficulties in the future.

Outlook: How to send same email to multiple recipients separately

If you want to send an email to multiple recipients using Outlook, you can take advantage of Microsoft's Mail Merge feature. Mail merge is a popular feature of Microsoft Outlook.

Mail Merge has several features. You can input different (unique) files from Google Drive for each recipient, the email is feasibly written in plain text or Rich-text HTML format, and it is visible if the recipient has opened your email message.

You can also schedule a merge and send an email according to the scheduled date and time. How to use this feature is quite simple, like the steps below:

  1. Click Contact and select the email address you wish to email
  2. Click Home and select Mail Merge
  3. Select Only Selected Contacts
  4. In the document type, select the form letter, Merge to Email, and enter the subject you want
  5. In this way, you can send the same email to many addresses at once

But you can also send the same email to multiple recipients in a simple manual way. You can use CC or carbon copy to send an email to more than one recipient.

Gmail: How to send the same email to multiple recipients separately

Sending an email to multiple recipients using Gmail is pretty simple. You can do this manually and also by using Google Contacts.

If the recipient is not more than 20 people, it is still possible to enter the email address manually. You can do the manual method with elementary steps as below:

1. Open Gmail via a web browser or Gmail app on your smartphone
2. Enter the subject you want
3. Type something in the email's body and attach attachments (if any)
4. Then, in the recipient field, please manually type the email addresses that will receive the same email
5. Click Send, then it will email all the addresses you have entered.

Also, there are other ways you can use it if the email is sent to dozens of email addresses. You can use Google Contacts with the following steps:

1. Go to contacts.google.com
2. Click Create label, use a label name that is easy for you to remember
3. Then make a contact list
4. Please fill in according to the email contact that you have provided. If then, click “Save” to save the Contact that you have created.

5. After you click “Save,” an information page will appear regarding the contact details you added earlier.

6. When sending an email, enter the name of the label in the recipient field, then all contacts in the label will be the recipient of the email.

How do I send an email to multiple recipients without them seeing each other?

Usually, when we send an email to several people, we enter all the email addresses we want to go to in the Cc (Carbon Copy) column. Some people enter these email addresses in the 'To' or 'to' fields.

If some people you send do not know each other, we do not recommend using Cc. It is because some people may not like it when others know their email addresses without their permission.

It is where Bcc (Blind Carbon Copy) functions in the email. When we enter email addresses in the Bcc field, the system will instruct the mail server to remove the intended email addresses before sending them en masse.

That way, the email recipient will not know to whom we send the same email to several people. The advantages of using Bcc (Blind Carbon Copy) are:

  1. Recipients will not know each other's email addresses
  2. It maintained the privacy of each recipient
  3. We (the sender) will only accept reply
  4. Reducing the risk of conflict between recipients
  5. It is considered more ethical for recipients who do not know each other
  6. The Bcc feature is still available even when sending via smartphone

Outlook: How do I send an email to multiple recipients without recipients knowing?

Sending an email to multiple recipients is better if you don't expose the other recipients' emails. Worried that you could violate the privacy of others.

When using Microsoft Outlook, you can also send an email to the undisclosed recipient so that the recipient's email is not exposed to each other. This method is almost the same as using BCC in Gmail.

To hide the recipient's email address, we can put it in the Bcc box. However, the To box must also contain an email address, as some filter emails will consider it spam if left blank.

Those are some simple ways you can use to send an email to multiple recipients individually using Gmail and Outlook.

Understand how to send the same email to numerous recipients separately in Gmail and Outlook so that you and the email recipient are both comfortable.

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