Bully 100% Game Completion | PS5, PS4, PC, Mobile, PS2

Bully cheats, wiki, tips, tricks, and guide on how you get 100% completion and how long it takes to achieve 100% progress.

Bully is an action-adventure video game developed by Rockstar Vancouver and first released on October 17, 2006.

You can now play this exceptional game on diverse platforms, including PS2, PS3, PS4, PS5, PC, Xbox 360, Wii, iOS, and Android.

To achieve 100% game completion in Bully: Scholarship or Anniversary Edition, you'll need to complete all the primary missions, side jobs, errands, classes, and mini-games.

Bully 100% Game Completion Guide

This completion will require you to progress through the storyline, explore the open world, and interact with the various characters in the game, which is time-consuming!

How to Get 100% Game Completion in Bully

To achieve 100 percent complete progress in Bully: Scholarship Edition and Anniversary Edition, here's what you need to do:

1. Complete the main story missions

The main story missions are tasks relatable to the storyline, and you can find them marked with a yellow asterisk on the World map.

However, not everything marked with a yellow asterisk can be included as the main story mission. Take missions, for example, Comic Klepto and Smash it Up.

We can say you have finished the main storyline if you have defeated Gary in Chapter 5.

2. Clear additional missions after completing the main storyline

Additional missions are not directly engaged with the main storyline but have a yellow star icon. One of those tasks is Comic Klepto or Smash It Up with Zoe.

3. Complete all classes until stage 5

These classes include: English, Photography, Art, Shop, Gym, Chemistry, Geography, Biology, Mathematics, and Music.

You can complete all English classes by reading: Bully English Class 1-5 Answers - All Words (100%).

4. Complete all missions to get safehouses (save points)

You can find these missions as a red star icon on the World map. The total of five missions representing all the major cliques in Bully.

5. Complete all bike race missions

The total number of races is approximately 14. For more details, please check the game statistics.

6. Complete Go-cart racing missions (until you get a Go-cart)

At first, you can only play the races at the Carnival venue five times. Then later, there will be two new races and one last race in the city.

7. Complete 35 errands or more

Errands are side-job tasks you can get randomly. Map marked these missions with a blue x.

Because of its random nature, getting this mission is usually quite challenging. My advice is, if you guys come across this errand by accident, take a moment to get it done.

8. Complete all paper route missions

You must complete the paper route until you get 24 customers.

9. Complete all lawn mowing missions

There will be two different places to complete these missions, one in a residential houseyard and the other in a park. You must complete both up to level 3.

10. Complete boxing side missions

Go to the boxing training base belonging to the clique of rich kids, and preppies.

There will be a boxing mini-game where you must beat Chad, Justin, Parker, Bryce, and one random street boxer.

11. Get the highest score in mini-games: Consumo, Nut Shots, and Monkey Fling

Beat the highest score of each clique in their own flagship game.

12. Defeat a stranded pirate

Head to Bullworth Vale, where there is a beach and your safehome. Then swim towards one of the small islands near the shipwreck in the middle of the beach (Check the Map for more details).

You will meet a pirate who challenges you to fight if you get close to him. Defeat him, and you'll get a pirate hat.

13. Play three rides at Carnival

You can ride the Rollercoaster, Ferris Wheel, and Octopus at Carnival.

14. Collect 75 Rubber bands
15. Collect 50 G&G cards
16. Collect 6 Radio transistors to learn new combos from hobo

Complete the Geography class to get all the locations of the above items.

17. Complete all student photos on the school's yearbook

After completing Photography Class 2, you will get a school yearly photo book for you to complete.

18. Destroy 25 Gnomes
19. Destroy 27 Pumpkins on Halloween

You'll find these pumpkins when you're on a Halloween mission with Gary in the school basement.

20. Destroy 19 tombstones on Halloween or at Blue Skies Warehouse

If you don't have time to destroy tombstones on Halloween, don't worry because you can find them at Blue Skies Warehouse (Smash it up with Zoe).

21. Buy all the clothes sold at school and Bullworth Town

Check the map to see all the locations of clothing sellers in Bullworth Town. The number of outfits you can get in the Bully game is around 300 or more.

22. Buy all the items/accessories at Carnival

You can get tickets from winning games and then exchange them at the prize tent. Here is the complete list:

Item name Ticket(s)
Angel halo hair band 40
Beaded bracelet 15
Big novelty watch 10
Checkered party hat 20
Clown trousers 40
Clown shoes 40
Clown wig 40
Devil horn hat 15
Grille/car poster 10
"I am with the stupid " T-shirt 20
Rock and band poster 10
Scooter 75
Incredible strange hat 40

23. Buy 100 sodas

Buy soda at the gift shop. Look to another gift store in town if the stock runs out.

24. Drink 500 sodas

You can achieve it by buying soda at a gift shop or a soda machine.

25. Travel 100 km by bike
26. Travel 100 km on foot
27. Travel 50 km using a skateboard

28. Win four games in Carnival at least once

You can do it all at once while on a date mission with Mandy.

29. Win betting mini-games: Penalty Shot and Step Up at least once

The location of the Penalty Shot is on the outer Jocks basketball court, while Step Up can find it on the rugby pitch (next to the apple tree).

30. Spray graffiti tags on each clique's fiefdom

Example of the fiefdoms for each clique:

Preppy: Bullworth Vale
Greaser: New Coventry
Jock: School sports field

31. Taunt people 50 times
32. Press the school alarm 20 times
33. Kick the ball 100 times

34. Throw a stinky bomb 50 times and throw marbles 25 times at people
35. Knockout 200 people
36. Take/buy 50 flowers

37. Fail 3-5 times in class
38. Kiss women 25 times
39. Kiss men 20 times

40. Throw the egg 25 times on the car
41. Complete some other additional/secret missions if you haven't reached 100% progress.

Note: you can see everything you've done from Menu: Info > Stats. You may need at least 30+ hours of playing with already clear objectives to achieve 100% completion.

That's how you can get 100% game completion in Bully: Scholarship Edition or Bully: Anniversary Edition for PS2, PS4, PS5, PC, and Mobile.

If you have questions regarding this guide, let us know in the comments below. We hope this will be helpful. Thanks for reading!

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