How to Find the Current Trending and Top Finance Apps on Google Play

An easy way to discover the current trending and top finance apps right now in the Google Play Store in real time.

In this blog post, I will provide you with a tutorial on how to find the current trending and top finance apps on Google Play.

You not only can use these tips to find top financial apps, but you can also try these on other app categories on the Google Play Store.

How to Find the Current Trending and Top Finance Apps on Google Play

Why is it important to find the current trending finance apps?

As financial enthusiasts, you can discover which helpful money management and legit trading apps are being used by many Android phone users.

It's often demanding to discover trustworthy apps to use right now. So by using these simple tricks, you can find the top best finance apps to pick from these days.

The good thing for a finance content creator is that you can create up-to-date content like the latest finance app news, tips, and recommendations.

Yes, you need to know the latest developments in this FinTech industry because it can be essential information for the present and future.

How to find the current trending and top finance apps on Google Play

Follow these steps:

Step #1. First, open the installed Play Store app on your mobile phone.

Step #2. Hit the "Apps" menu on the bottom screen, and then tap "Top Charts." It will show you more options such as Top Free, Top Grossing, Top Paid, and New.

Step #3. Select "Finance" as a category and tap the "Arrow down" to change the app chart.

Top Free contains a collection of free finance apps that many have downloaded and used by Android users nowadays.

Top Grossing contains a collection of finance apps that generate more money than other apps at a certain period. The money earned from users that officially buy the paid app and in-app purchases.

Top Paid contains a collection of paid finance apps that are widely purchased and used by people.

New contains a collection of newly released finance apps or recently updated ones, but many people use them.

From the top chart and new sections, you can discover the current trending and top finance apps on Google Play.

How to get top finance apps based on the usage

Keep in mind that when you first open the collection of apps on Play Store, it might still come from diverse categories and usages.

If you only want to view the list of finance apps in specific types of usage, you can navigate to the "Categories" menu and search for "Finance."

It will display a wide variety of finance apps based on their usage and recommendations. Budgeting tools, financial planning, trading and brokerages are some of them.

How to make the top finance app chart accurate

To make the ranking of top Finance apps accurate, I recommend you disable the "view installed apps." Because if it's active, the finance apps you've installed on your mobile phone will be in the top position.

Slide the toggle bar to the left to disable it only if the feature is still available.

The top popularity of certain finance apps in each country is also different. Using the United States IP address will popularly rank the finance app list in the United States, not in other countries like Australia, Canada, or the UK.

If you want to find the current trending and top finance apps in different countries worldwide, you can use and combine the analysis with SimilarWeb's top finance apps data.

How do you know if the trending finance app is good or not a scam?

Before I install an app, I always double-check the developer, rating, and reviews. It let me not waste my internet data usage.

If the finance app rating is above 4.3 and most users give positive reviews, meaning the app is considerably good, worth using, legit and not a scam.

That's how you find the current trending and top finance apps on the Google Play Store. Hit the social media share button if you find this post helpful. Thanks for reading!

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