What Does Gardening Mean on TikTok? Gardening Slang Meaning

TikTok won't allow people to talk about an illegal activity, so they find an alternative. So here's gardening slang meaning in Urban Dictionary.

Gardening. Ah, the gentle image of sunshine on your face, the soil beneath your nails, and the fragrant symphony of blooming life.

But in the bustling digital ecosystem of TikTok lingo, "gardening" might not conjure up visions of verdant plots and plump tomatoes.

This simple word has sprouted a whole new meaning, one that has less to do with pruning and more to do with altered states, thanks to the ever-evolving world of internet slang. Let's talk about it.

What Does Gardening Mean on TikTok? Gardening Slang Meaning

What does gardening mean?

In its traditional sense, gardening is the art and practice of cultivating plants in a garden. It's about nurturing green things, beautifying spaces, and maybe even enjoying some homegrown bounty.

This definition still holds the true meaning. And for sure, and for many, the therapeutic joy of digging in the dirt remains unchanged.

What is Gardening on TikTok?

But step into the weirdly vibrant world of TikTok, and "gardening" takes on a different shade. Here, it's become a secret code, a playful social media slang term for smoking w33d.

Why the greenspeak? Like any self-respecting platform, TikTok has rules against drug references.

So, TikTok creators like Natalie Benson (@notnataliebenson) adopted "gardening," "gardener," or "garden gummy" as a veiled way to share their knowledge of the leafy habit without getting flagged by the algorithm.

This viral term spread confusion like wildfire. Soon, "gardening" videos popped up everywhere, showcasing everything from "tending to the herb patch" (rolling a joint) to "harvesting the garden's bounty" (taking a hit).

It's also become a playful wink to fellow "gardeners," a way to share experiences without getting the algorithmic axe.

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Origin Story

"Gardening" as a pseudonym for smoking w33d was popularized by TikToker @notnataliebenson on November 21st, 2023.

In the video, she stated that her old account had been banned because of discussing mar*ju*na. So, she declared that she'd only refer to it as "gardening" from then on to avoid the TikTok purge.

Over two months, the video has received roughly 150,500 plays and 25,300 likes, cementing the term's association with the plant culture from another universe.

An alternative, beyond the code

The dual meaning of "gardening" is a fascinating example of language evolving in the digital censorship age. It shows how communities can adapt and find creative ways to express something within the confines of online platforms.

While the traditional definition of gardening remains strong, there's no denying the hilarious and slightly subversive appeal of its new social media slang life.

Even the Urban Dictionary, the online arbiter of internet slang, has taken notice before the term popular on TikTok, adding "gardening" or "garden" to its ever-growing lexicon.

So, where does this weird trend leave us?

The next time you hear someone talk about their "gardening" adventures, be sure to ask the right questions.

You might just learn a whole new meaning of the word, and that's always a good thing, so you can't be easily pranked by people.

P.S. Remember, whatever your preferred meaning of "gardening" may be, always do it responsibly and safely. Stick to the principle of the original English meaning comes first.

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