How to Make the Most Money Possible on DoorDash (10 Ways)

How do you get the most money possible on DoorDash? Here are tips on how to earn more money with DoorDash in 2024.

DoorDash provides a flexible opportunity to earn money on your own schedule through food delivery.

This option is suitable for those seeking a part-time or full-time job. By working smart and developing a focused strategy, you can maximize your earnings with DoorDash in 2024.

You will not just drive around on the streets; you need a calculated approach to generating real profit.

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10 Best Ways to Make More Money on Doordash

This article provides tips to help you make the most money possible as a DoorDash driver.

These tips are from the experiences of successful DoorDash drivers who can earn good money through the food delivery app. Without further ado, let's dive in!

1. Prioritize Peak Hours

The most crucial thing is optimizing your schedule because this determines the income you get from DoorDash.

A busy hour might be the most profitable hour. You can take the order daily during lunch (11 am - 2 pm) and dinner (5 pm - 9 pm).

However, regarding the Weekend, orders are usually busy in the evenings, creating a spike in orders.

By focusing on this timing, you can get more enormous profits by receiving lots of orders and even the opportunity to get tips.

2. Target the Right Zone

Not all locations provide the same income. Pay attention to locations with prosperous neighbors and many high-end restaurants nearby.

Also, familiarize yourself with "high-demand" areas, primarily commercial ones, which can lead you to higher-paying delivery.

Stay focused on receiving orders in the chosen area with the characteristics above, and then you will earn significantly more per order.

3. Acceptance Rate Management

We must also receive large orders to earn a significant income.

Be strategic in receiving your order. You have to ensure you don't regret it later because it was a waste of time with little income.

So, it would help to focus on accepting high-priced orders to increase your DoorDash income.

4. Use Multi-App Side Hustle Apps

You can try several options besides DoorDash to get double income.

Choose other platforms that provide services like DoorDash: Grubhub, Uber Eats, and Instacart.

Using these applications simultaneously, you can track your most profitable earnings.

Apart from that, this application can save you during slow periods on any individual platform.

You can also relax and stay busy making money in another way.

5. Invest in Efficiency

Support yourself with valuable tools such as a reliable vehicle with insulated delivery bags. It can prevent you from experiencing time-consuming situations in becoming a Dasher.

Also, use a smartphone that is available for DoorDash with a capable system.

Efficient time is precious in this field. Therefore, pay attention to the tools you will use to deliver orders.

6. Know Your Territory

Knowing your delivery area in depth can reduce delivery time and make it more efficient. It means you already understand the route, city layout, and typical traffic patterns.

Apart from that, you are also farthest from the hassle of complex roads and apartments.

The better you know your zone, the more efficient you become.

Order delivery is also affected; you will complete more deliveries in less time. It gives you how much you earn.

7. Track Expenses and Optimize Tax

The income you collect is only sometimes used to finance your living expenses but also to maintain your tools.

Keep your record about mileage, vehicle maintenance, phone bills, and other expenses related to your delivery work because DoorDash Driver (Dasher) is an independent contractor.

So, you can estimate how much you have to pay and what percentage of the funds will go into your pocket.

This is why tracking is crucial.

On the other hand, you can also download applications such as Stride or Everience to help you track your DoorDash expenses.

8. Service with a Smile

Communication with customers is not only when you arrive at their house and give their order. You also have to maintain this communication from receiving orders in advance.

Good communication and a friendly attitude will determine your tips. Therefore, communication has a significant impact on your income.

It is as easy as informing them if the restaurant they ordered from is closed. Customers will also feel calm if you confirm the situation quickly.

Moreover, when you want to deliver an order, a message like "Your order has been delivered!" can make customers feel like you value their experience.

Reminder: communicate with friendly gestures to get a positive rating and big tips.

9. Stacking Strategy

DoorDash often groups multiple deliveries as stacked orders. Accepting these strategically can help you earn more per hour.

First, check your order and see whether the location is in a similar direction.

Don't just accept orders. Pay attention to the temperature of the food that can be handled if you want to use a stacking strategy.

Because you receive several orders at one time, always let your customers know if there is a slight delay in delivery.

The most important thing is ensuring that all orders are handled well so the customers don't feel disadvantaged.

10. Be Friends with Promotion

DoorDash often offers promotions, challenges, and even intensive specials for the driver to boost their earnings.

Get routine check the Dasher app to get bonus offers like peak pay during specific hours, challenges offering extra cash for completing a certain number of deliveries within a timeframe, or even referral bonuses for getting other drivers to sign up.

You have to stay on top of these opportunities. Capitalizing on these promotions can significantly increase your daily or weekly earnings.


While the amount you'll earn on DoorDash depends on factors like location and current demand, these tips provide a roadmap for maximizing your success in 2024.

Remember, you can consistently boost your earning potential by being smart about when and where you work, aware of promotions, and ensuring customers have a great experience.

So, put these tips into practice and go out there to make the most out of your deliveries!

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