Harvest Moon: Light of Hope Fishing Guide | Catch All Fish

How do I get fishing rod? How to fishing. How to catch all fish in Harvest Moon: Light of Hope. This guide will answer it all.

Welcome to another Harvest Moon: Light of Hope guide. On this page, I will discuss anything related to fishing, including;

  • How to get a fishing rod
  • How to fish
  • How to get the third stone tablet fragment from fishing
  • The list of all fish that you can catch from fishing in Harvest Moon: Light of Hope.

Fishing is one of the activities that you can do in this game. Not only as a side activity, but this correlated with the main storyline to find a stone tablet and the blue sprite Dewy.

However, you can't directly fish early in the game. There are several things you should do. First, you must have a fishing rod.

How to Get a Fishing Rod in Harvest Moon: Light of Hope

We can't get fish without a fishing rod, so you must have a fishing rod for fishing. You will be given a fishing rod for free by a villager named Cyril.

Before that, you have to repair Cyril's house located behind Naomi's house. You will need Softwood Lumber 15x, Stone 5x, Tulip 3x, and 1500 G to repair his house.

I suggest you collect some Tulips from foraging or plant them in front of your house far away day. Buy the Tulip seeds from Carol.

The next day, there is an event about Cyril fainting in front of your house because of hunger.

Furthermore, you are required to give him food. Just give him a Bamboo Shoot or Cabbage.

As a thank you for helping him, you will be given a fishing rod by Cyril.

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How to Fish in Harvest Moon: Light of Hope

First, go to a fishing spot location. You can fish anywhere, as long as there is water. But in this game, there are some specific fishing spots, including;

  1. Small pond on your farm.
  2. River on your farm.
  3. River in the mountain.
  4. Pond in front of Goddess Spring.
  5. Beach (pier).
  6. Sea (lighthouse overlook).

As a beginning, because you have yet to open a fishing spot on the beach and lighthouse overlook, you can fish in your farm and mountain area.

Frequently fish in the river on your farm to get a Perch which is one of the materials required to repair Bastian's Restaurant.

Before fishing, I also suggest you buy fish bait on Sam. You can also make better bait if you have a recipe for making it through the Windmill. You will get the recipe if you complete some requests from Cyril.

Some types of bait that you can use for fishing are as follows:

  • Regular Bait
  • Good Bait
  • Excellent Bait
  • Fertilizer Fish Feed
  • Delectable Fish Feed
  • Tropical Feed
  • Ragnarok Feed

For fishing, you must stand near water and throw your bait in the direction that is already set. Just click the green box that appears if you stand near the water, do not forget to use fish bait.

If there is no shadow of fish in the place you throw the bait, pull back your fishing rod immediately and try to throw it back in the same or different direction.

When it appears some shadow of fish, wait a few moments until the bait is bitten by one of the fish.

After the exclamation mark (!) appears accompanied by the sound of splashing water, pull your fishing rod by clicking the fish or water nearby.

How to Fishing in Harvest Moon: Light of Hope

Later, a parameter will appear overhead and you have to click or tap quickly, to make the parameter move to the left, and finally, you managed to catch a fish!

It will be increasingly difficult to move the parameter for the bigger fish. Hence, I suggest you use a mouse when playing this game.

Note: You can also use the X button to make it easy for you to catch a fish.

How to Get the Third Stone Tablet Fragment

It's easy after you repair Doc's architect, place the broken third stone tablet by the lighthouse, and Doc asks to research it, just fishing on the River near you find the broken stone tablet (see the picture below).

3rd stone tablet fragment location hm loh

If not found there, try fishing in front of Goddess Spring. I've tried two of these spots and both locations contained a third stone tablet fragment.

The sign you will get the third tablet fragment: 

  1. When you fish, just one big shadow of fish appears.
  2. And when you pull the fishing rod, it's hard because its parameters are reduced very slightly.

When you get this third tablet fragment, Dewy, the crybaby sprite, will appear.

How to Catch All Fish in Harvest Moon: Light of Hope

Here are all the fish (34) that you can catch in this game (see the table below in the landscape screen).

Fish Bait(s) Location(s) Season(s) Time(s)
Alligator Gar Tropical, Ragnarok Farm Summer Morning, Afternoon, Evening
Spotted Gar Fertilizer, Tropical Farm Summer Morning, Afternoon, Evening
Akame Tropical Mountain Fall, Winter Night
Arapaima Tropical Farm Spring, Summer Afternoon, Evening
Arowana Excellent Mountain Fall Afternoon, Evening
Banjar Arowana Excellent Farm, Mountain Fall Afternoon, Evening
Green Arowana Excellent, Tropical Farm, Mountain Fall Afternoon, Evening
Golden Arowana Excellent Mountain, Beach Fall Afternoon, Evening
Super Red Arowana Ragnarok Small pond Fall Afternoon, Evening
Barbatus Bait Farm, Mountain Spring, Summer, Fall Morning, Afternoon
Bluegill Bait Mountain Spring, Summer, Fall Afternoon, Evening, Night
Bullhead Bait Mountain, Beach Fall, Winter Evening, Night
Black Bass Bait Mountain, Farm Spring, Fall Morning, Afternoon
Cod Bait Beach Summer, Winter Morning, Afternoon
Crucian Carp Bait Mountain, Farm All Morning, Evening, Night
White Crucian Carp Bait Farm All Morning, Evening, Night
Electric Eel Tropical Small pond Summer Night
Goby Bait Beach Summer All
Goldfish Bait Mountain Spring, Fall Morning, Evening, Night
Calico Goldfish Excellent Mountain Summer, Winter Morning, Evening, Night
Mosquitofish Bait Everywhere All All
Perch Bait Farm, Mountain All All
Yellow Perch Bait Farm, Mountain All All
Piranha Bait Farm All All
Piraya Piranha Tropical, Delectable Farm, Mountain All All
Rainbow Trout Bait Mountain Summer, Fall Morning, Afternoon
Righteye Flounder Bait Beach Spring, Winter Morning, Evening
Olive Flounder Bait Beach Fall, Winter Morning, Evening
Sardine Bait Beach All Morning, Afternoon
Sea Bream Bait Sea Spring Morning, Afternoon
Striped Beakfish Ragnarok Sea Fall Morning, Afternoon
Tilapia Bait Farm, Mountain Spring, Summer Morning, Afternoon, Evening
Redbelly Tilapia Bait Farm, Mountain Spring, Summer Morning, Afternoon, Evening
Tuna Bait Sea Winter Morning, Afternoon

Note: For the price of each fish, you can check them on Sam and Bastian. Keep in mind that the selling price of fish may vary, and some fish may fetch a higher price if sold to Bastian, a character who operates a restaurant.

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