How to Get Olive Flounder in Harvest Moon: Light of Hope

The best fishing locations, seasons, and times to catch Olive Flounder in Harvest Moon: Light of Hope [HM LoH].

Welcome to the Harvest Moon: Light of Hope fishing guide! In this post, we'll cover everything you need to know about the Olive Flounder.

For those new to the game, you might be wondering, "What is an Olive Flounder?" and "Where can I find Olive Flounder in Harvest Moon: Light of Hope?"

Even experienced players might find themselves frustrated while searching for this elusive fish. Don't worry, I'm here to help. Keep reading below to get the information you're looking for.

Harvest Moon: Light of Hope: How to Catch Olive Flounder

What is Olive Flounder?

The Olive Flounder is a rare type of flatfish in Harvest Moon: Light of Hope (LoH). We can only obtain this fish from specific fishing locations around the island.

Olive Flounders are essential items for completing Cyril's Country Life request, where one of the rewards is the Excellent Bait recipe. Additionally, you can use them to craft Brit fop.

How to Get Olive Flounder

I'll explain the following tips and then tell you the other way to get the Olive Flounder for the last. All these are only based on my personal experience.

1. Obviously, you need to get a fishing rod. This tool is a reward given by Cyril for free once you've repaired his house and saved his life from starvation.

2. Upgrade the Basic starting fishing rod to a higher level so you can catch multiple fish in the ocean.

Read also: How to Upgrade Tools in Harvest Moon: Light of Hope.

3. You have to unlock the Beach region. If you've already done this, meaning you've successfully placed the third stone tablet and lit up the third window of the lighthouse.

4. Repair the Beach and Lighthouse Overlook piers. To keep on track with the main storyline, fix the one on the beach first. It will require Material Stone 30×, Iron 3×, Mithril 2×, and 5000G.

5. In Fall or Winter, fish daily at the head of the beach pier in the morning and the evening. From 6:00 to 10:00 AM and 3:00–7:00 PM.

6. Position the character precisely like the first image, and don't forget to use regular or good bait before casting the line.

7. Be patient and wait for your luck to come.

Summary of Olive Flounder:

Season(s): Fall, Winter
Time(s): Morning, Evening
Location(s): Beach and Lighthouse Overlook
Bait(s): Regular, Good

Description: A type of flatfish that lives on the ocean floor. Like Righteye Flounder, it hides on the ocean floor to ambush its prey.

Harvest Moon: Light of Hope How to Get Olive Flounder

The Encyclopedia provides some above information once you've caught the fish. You can check it through the Menu on the top right corner of the screen.

Besides fishing, you can also get two Olive Flounders by completing Harvest God's first request. You'll need 4 watermelons to get this request done immediately.

That's how to get Olive Flounder in Harvest Moon: Light of Hope Switch, PS4, PC, and Mobile. I hope you won't catch more crap fish like mosquitofish and sardines. Best luck!

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