Harvest Moon: Light of Hope for PS4 and Switch, Secret Things You Probably Didn't Know

Harvest Moon: Light of Hope has officially released on PS4 and Nintendo Switch in North America!

This week, I am really busy and tired each day. Hence, I rarely update and check the comments on this blog.

But I really don't want to miss any news about Harvest Moon, because that's what makes this blog different from other blogs.

So, recently Natsume announced that they will release Harvest Moon: Light of Hope Special Edition for PS4 and Nintendo Switch in May 2018. The release date is still unknown.

The price of this game plus a small cow plushie is around $39.99. I think It's a little bit expensive. Now you can pre-order or buy it from Gamestop, both for PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

Of course, this is pretty good news for all of you who have these two consoles, except for the price.

If hearing the words ' Special Edition ', surely there will be something new in the game. The addition of new contents and features that do not available on the PC version.

Just like Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life or Harvest Moon: Innocent Life Special Edition which was released on the PS2 console. Both have some differences in terms of the features for their first platform (Gamecube and PSP).

Unfortunately, Natsume has not given too much detailed information about anything that will be added to the Harvest Moon: Light of Hope Special Edition.

Surely you guys curious, right? What are the differences between this and the PC version?

Maybe that's one of the questions inside your head right now.

If you want the exact answer, just wait for the latest news from Natsume or try it by yourself when it's released. :D

But, I already have a little overview of the additional content of Harvest Moon Light of Hope SE, although it's only a theory that is not necessarily true.

The Things You Probably Didn't Know

Secret Message in Harvest Moon: Light of Hope for PS4 and Switch

There is a secret message in Natsume's announcement.

Do you see the picture posted by Natsume? There is a purple crystal under the word ' Special Edition ', I am pretty sure it is Cyanocrystal.

A crystal belongs to Gorgan (Nova's father) that is able to increase Nova's strength and ability.

At the end of Harvest Moon: Light of Hope storyline on PC, that crystal was successfully stolen by Flint (Orange Sprite), but the main character (you) and Flint agreed to not tell Nova.

Strangely, there are two fairies (children) with physical features a blue and red-edged and white-haired sealed inside the crystal. Just try to zoom-in on the picture above or in Natsume's Facebook.

Who are these two characters? Why could they be sealed inside the crystal? This is still a mystery and a question mark.

From here, I think there will be an additional storyline or quest related to this crystal.

Update on March 20, 2018: Natsume reveals that the character inside the crystal is the new marriage candidate once he/she turns into a human.

They look like this...

New Marriagable Character in Harvest Moon: Light of Hope Special Edition

There will be a Co-op play with these characters too.

In spite of all, hopefully, the graphics of Harvest Moon: Light of Hope Special Edition can be better because it's released on the Next-Gen consoles.

Updated on April 15: Harvest Moon: Light of Hope Special Edition will be released in Europe on June 22th, 2018. Source.

Updated on May 2: Harvest Moon: Light of Hope Special Edition DIGITAL BUNDLE is available for pre-order today on both PSN and the Nintendo Switch eShop!

Grap both the game and 4 DLC's for a special reduced price($44.99), but only for a limited time. The game launches in North America on May 29th, 2018.

Updated on May 8: The new official trailer is here!

Updated on May 29: Harvest Moon: Light of Hope Special Edition officially released in North America.

Droid Harvest will continue to provide updated information about Harvest Moon: Light of Hope Special Edition. More details coming soon!

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