Friday, June 29, 2018

Harvest Moon: Light of Hope for PC, PS4, and Switch: What are the Differences?

It has become commonplace in the Harvest Moon games if there is an additional "Special Edition" behind the name, it's a sign that there are some additional features that are not available in the normal version. The platform obviously also different.
Harvest Moon: Light of Hope for PC, PS4, and Switch: What are the Deferences?

Harvest Moon: Light of Hope normal version was released on PC, while the Special Edition was released exclusively on PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

For those of you who wonder what's the difference between Harvest Moon: Light of Hope for PC and PS4/Switch, here we will explain to you.

The Differences Between Harvest Moon: Light of Hope and the Special Edition Version

1. Characters
Harvest Moon: Light of Hope Special Edition has a new character, Soleil. It also has Shirlock, and Michelle as the DLC characters, while the normal version does not.

That means you also have additional requests from them (except Soleil) on PS4 and Switch.

2. Marriage Candidates
In Harvest Moon: Light of Hope for PC, you can only marry one of 5 males or females, depending on your main character.

But on PS4 and Switch, you have new additional marriage candidates, including Soleil, Shirlock, Michelle, Harvest Goddess, and Gorgan.

3. Quests
There are additional quests or storylines from Melanie and Doc for Special Edition, whereas the normal one does not.

4. Shops
After completing Melanie's and Doc's quests, there will be new shops open for the Special Edition.

5. Customization
In Harvest Moon: Light of Hope Special Edition, you can get new clothes and change your clothes through "Dresser" at home, while the PC can not.

6. Chapters
There's a cool pop up labeled as "Chapter" in Harvest Moon: Light of Hope Special Edition for PS4 and Switch every time you get in a certain progress in the game. While on PC, you don't have such a thing like that.

7. Co-op Multiplayer
You can't play with friends (multiplayer) on PC, but you can do it by controlling Soleil as the 2nd player on the PS4 and Switch.

8. Tool Upgrades
You can only upgrade your tools to "Sacred" on the PC, while on the PS4 and Switch there is an additional upgrade to "Holy Tools".

What's the difference?

For example,

Holy Watering Can: it can water up to 30 plots of land
Sacred Watering Can: it can only water up to 15.

9. Shipping Box
You only have 1 shipping box located in front of your house on the Normal Version, but there is an additional shipping box in front of Gus' house for the Special Edition.

10. Decorations
More decorative items to beautify your farm for the Special Edition than the normal one.

The PC version has no DLC at all is the main difference. However, it's not impossible that it will also have the DLC in the future.

But Special Edition doesn't come with the DLC, except for Soleil and co-op multiplayer. So keep in mind that not all additional contents above are free, many of them require you to buy the DLC to unlock.

Those are the differences between Harvest Moon: Light of Hope and the Special Edition version that we know so far.

So maybe there's something we have not mentioned yet. If you know other hidden changes you can tell us through the comments below. Thanks.